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BC Bookstore Undergoing Midlife Crisis

After BC’s extraordinary win against USC on September 13th, it would seem that nothing could go wrong in the Chestnut Hill community. However, as BC students celebrated on that victorious night, a horrible force was plotting its response to the win.

Hidden within the depths of McElroy Commons lies the BC bookstore—a dark, soul-sucking place where students’ parents’ credit cards are taken advantage of. The BC bookstore, though seemingly harmless at first glance, is just an alternative name for the TSA: there are prohibited items, the lines are unbearably long, and travelers must show valid identification at the checkpoint.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Bookstore / Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Bookstore / Facebook.

The bookstore’s outrageous rules (no backpacks: so BC students can’t shoplift $18 Plato books, but risk their Longchamp bags and Macbooks getting stolen), coupled with its notoriously high memorabilia prices ($175 for a vest...A VEST), make its approval ratings lower than Congress’. Until now, the BC bookstore’s wrongdoings have remained unexposed. However, the bookstore’s latest release leaves only one thing certain: the BC bookstore is undergoing a midlife crisis.

After the USC upset, the word on the street was that the BC bookstore was releasing an exclusive item. To be honest, I was very excited for the unveiling of the apparel: I expected a design that captured the dynamism of the honorable night. Unfortunately, the new shirt is so questionable, I did a double take when I first saw it on shelves, praying I was hallucinating.

“VICTORY”, the t-shirt reads, along with the respective scores of BC and USC. Creative, right? Honestly, this shirt is offensive to the student body: BC students are top academic performers, and the BC bookstore credits us with the comprehension level of second graders. Additionally, the BC bookstore has failed to realize the repercussions of this shirt, mainly the fact that by making a shirt solely because we won a football game essentially admits defeat— “we’re so bad we earn a t-shirt for winning a game.”

This begs the question: will the BC bookstore conjure a new shirt every time a varsity sports team wins a game? Soon, we’ll see shirts that read “SO CLOSE” when the football team comes up three points short.

Furthermore, the shirt neither references Welles Crowther nor Pete Frates, a true shame given these men were the main focus of the September 13th game. The spirit that was displayed at the game was a result of the pride we felt from being associated with these courageous BC alumni and their contributions to the BC community. The ability these heroes have to unite the community should be honored in as many ways as possible. This travesty of a shirt fails miserably when it comes to expressing what the game was all about.


Photo courtesy of Boston College Bookstore / Facebook.

The fact that the BC bookstore clothing racks are still fully stocked with “VICTORY” shirts can be attributed not only to the shirt's design, but also to its outrageous price. $22 for a cotton t-shirt? Really? In this economy? Thanks, BC bookstore.

Let’s just say there’s a reason, or many reasons, why I haven’t seen one person wearing the “VICTORY” shirt around campus. I honestly wouldn’t even advise using the t-shirt as a dish rag—we deserve better. Here’s to hoping this midlife crisis can be treated by means of an intervention, and that the BC bookstore can turn its most recent blunder into a learning experience.

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