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Carve Your Path, Shape Your Future with LeaderShape

“Can you learn how to change the world in six days?” These engaging words are the core idea of a unique retreat opportunity called LeaderShape that will be offered at BC this coming January.

LeaderShape is a national institute and not-for-profit organization that was established 30 years ago. The LeaderShape Institute is committed to developing the student body to lead with integrity and “have a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

Boston College has started its very own chapter and this year’s retreat, happening January 4-9, 2015, will be the third consecutive retreat the Boston College chapter has hosted. The program will be held at the Wonderland Retreat Center in Sharon, MA, and will offer free room and board for all attendees.

The longer length of the retreat—six days—is a uniquely beneficial time. “I've always felt that it is easy to be one way on a two-day retreat and fall back into your normal habits afterwards,” explained Courtney Cameron,'16, Co-On-Site-Coordinator for LeaderShape. “The length of LeaderShape really gives you the space to be authentic and open with people for an extended period of time.”

The relationships and tools that come from this retreat are unlike any experience you will find, explained Cameron. “The whole experience was very validating for me and really helped me gain confidence and develop as an individual,” she said.

The six days of the retreat are intentionally crafted to develop students in their passions and leadership abilities. In turn, this program will provide students with the tools to be able to come back and launch their ideas for change into successful fruition.

Like most Boston College retreats, most of the details of the event are kept under locks. However, the highlights of this leadership retreat include: networking, panel discussions with leaders in their fields, self-reflection, a great community and, not to mention, free food.

“Why should I cut my winter break early for this?” you may ask. As explained at the first of two information sessions this past Monday, this retreat could not be at a more perfect time in a student’s year. By the end of winter break, you are most likely ready to escape your mother’s tight grip and come back to your home-away-from-home at BC and reunite with your friends. This retreat allows you to come back early to campus, go on a motivating and passionate retreat, make great connections and friendships, then get back to campus the Friday before classes start. It offers a smooth transition between vacation and classes beginning for the spring semester.

“LeaderShape is the perfect way to recharge, develop your personal leadership skills, grow your network, and learn about yourself and your passions,” said Cameron, who is passionate about this retreat and is excited for new students to experience it for themselves.

The information session for LeaderShape 2015 is on Thursday, October 9 at 6:30 p.m. in Higgins 310. The application to attend this retreat is due by October 31.

For more information and to register & apply for the retreat, please visit:

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