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Authentic Eagles: Hannah Creighton on Inspiration

As Boston College students, it can be tempting to hide our true selves. Embracing our individuality  can help us to understand ourselves and experience the world around us as genuinely as possible. Authentic Eagles is a series that gives a voice to the people who have experienced firsthand the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being one’s authentic self at BC. We hope that readers are inspired to have conversations and reflections of their own, working towards being more authentic.

Hannah Creighton, A&S ’15

“I really enjoyed Skyping last night. I liked seeing you so happy. Being on the BC campus really brings out the best in you. Xo” This was a text that I received from my mother during the first week of my senior year at Boston College. The message touched me because as I begin my final year at BC, I am finally realizing how fortunate I am to be a member of the Boston College community.

I did not grow up as a BC Eagles fan. My parents did not attend BC. I had never heard of the Heights or a Superfan shirt. I did not understand the Upper v. Newton battle until I arrived on campus and thought There’s a satellite campus for freshmen? Huh, good thing I’m not living there. I wanted to go to BC because it looked pretty on Google and it was a strong academic school that I pushed myself to apply to because I was a hardworking student in high school like all BC students.

In late April of 2011, I received a large white envelope in the mail- I had been accepted off the wait-list at Boston College and I was thrilled. I was thrilled because it was a Division 1 school with beautiful buildings located in a city on the east coast – yet I had no idea how BC would impact me academically and spiritually. I had no idea that the people and values at BC would immensely inspire me. All I knew was that I was going to a picturesque, Jesuit university in a city far from my beloved hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When I arrived on campus I was a young 17 year old and I was excited to be on my own after being raised by two strict, yet loving, parents. I began staying up late, drinking every weekend and putting off school assignments. I did not participate in extracurricular activities and I found myself involved with a large friend group of girls. I was excited to finally be one of the “cool girls” who drank and went to parties every weekend.

However, I began to realize that the friends I was making in these moments were not “friends of the good”, which many of us learn about in our philosophy and theology courses. Instead, I found these “friends of the good” while volunteering with the Heights Boys & Girls Club, giving tours of campus with the Student Admissions Program, training for the Boston Marathon with the Campus School Team, and working as an Orientation Leader.

As I observed the orientation program during my summer as an OL, I came to the understanding that Boston College expects me and my peers to be inspiring men and women for others. To me, a “friend of the good” is a friend who inspires me, challenges me and supports me.

I am inspired by my roommate who wakes up before sunrise for her nursing clinical. I am inspired by my friends who are varsity athletes at BC and still find the time to work hard in class and become involved on campus. I am inspired by the incredibly strong yogis, marathon runners, cross fit enthusiasts and spin instructors who I work with at Lululemon. I am inspired by my friend who is an RA in a sophomore area.

I am inspired by the freshman in my Courage To Know class who came to America for the first time when she arrived on campus in August. I am inspired by one of my best friends who is currently training for the Detroit Marathon. I am inspired by the members of dance teams, comedy groups and a ccapella groups who devote hours every week to their performances. I am inspired by my friend who started her personal food blog on Instagram. I am inspired by my 12-year-old host sister who lives in the city of Paris and hopes to be a future BC Eagle.

I am inspired by my friend in ROTC who spent the summer training. I am inspired by my friend who is a Statistics and an Econometrics tutor. I am inspired by the intelligent and eager to learn 2nd graders whom I interacted with at James Otis Elementary School during PULSE. I am inspired by the students and faculty members who share their personal stories on Authentic Eagles. I am inspired by my marketing professor who works a full time job and still devotes time to teach one night a week. I am inspired by my friends who have graduated and are now in medical school, law school or working full time jobs.

To be inspired is great but to be inspiring is incredible. My Boston College experience has taught me this and I am so fortunate to be studying in an environment where I am surrounded by people who inspire not only me but also the community around them. I strive to accept BC’s challenge to inspire in the work that I do on campus and in all aspects of my life. As a senior, I would like to say thank you to the BC faculty and students for inspiring me to be inspiring during my time here on the Heights.



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