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Dive into BC Splash

BC Splash, now in its fifth year, provides Boston College students with an opportunity to teach a one-hour class to high school students on a topic of their choosing. This year, the fall event will take place on Sunday, November 16th. The BC Splash team expects to bring to campus approximately 500 Boston high school students. These students were recruited by BC Splash’s Outreach Team who contacted Boston schools in the area and publicized this event through social media.

If you are looking to get involved, there is still a little time! Though the deadline is fast approaching, any BC student interested can sign up to teach a course at BC Splash through their website, Just click the TEACH tab at the top of the page. Signups to teach a BC Splash course will close tomorrow, Friday, October 3rd at 11:59PM.

Student teachers must commit to attending a one hour training session and showing up to teach the class on November 16th. Past courses have ranged from “How to Save a Life” to “The Hunger Games as a Cultural Artifact” to “The Beauty of Bromances.”

“I’d definitely recommend teaching Splash,” said Ross Tetzloff, A&S ‘17, one of three sophomores who taught “The Beauty of Bromances” this past spring. He continued, “I really appreciated the flexibility of being able to teach almost any subject and being able to teach in groups.”

Many students see the event as a chance to share about a topic they love. “Teaching is an opportunity to share your passions and celebrate learning for the sake of learning,” said Emily Czeisler, A&S ’17, Co-President of BC Splash.

Courtesy of Facebook / Boston-College-Splash

Courtesy of Facebook / Boston-College-Splash

In addition to providing a forum where students can share their passions, Splash can also be an opportunity to impart an important message that is overlooked in a typical classroom setting. Chelsea Lennox (‘14), who graduated last May, taught several classes on sex and sexuality as well as one on feminism during her time at BC. “Sexual health matters and I do not believe that there is adequate, comprehensive education for adolescents and young adults in this area,” said Lennox.

Overall, BC Splash is a win-win situation for all participants. It gives back to Boston by helping to cultivate a profound interesting in learning in the city’s youth. It provides high school students with the ability to choose their classes or find something they might also continue down the road. It provides college students with an opportunity for leadership and an ability to share what they know. Splash can be an opportunity for personal development. It is a chance to practice public speaking skills in relatively risk free setting or to build up a résumé. It is a truly unique experience and we encourage all students who feel strongly about a hobby, passion or topic to get involved.