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Lessons from the Fall

Amber leaves scatter the ground, pumpkin aromas linger in the Chocolate Bar and Hunter rain boots clad the feet of every other student. Yes, these signs mean fall and all of its festivities have returned to campus. As the air grows cooler and classes grow busier, it may seem that “Halloweekend” is the only light at the end of the tunnel. However, getting involved in seasonal activities may provide us with a break from studying. Here are a few ways to make the best of fall and the seemingly silly, yet important, life lessons we may learn in the process.

Outdoor Adventures at Boston College

Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing or backpacking, but did not know where to begin? A new program within Campus Recreation offers short trips throughout the year to engage students in their natural surroundings. Throughout the fall, students can participate in trips to hike local mountains, rock climb, and photograph the wilderness. Anyone is welcome to participate in the Outdoor Adventure Club excursions, with fees as minimal as $15 for nonmembers.

Trips are advertised as beginner friendly and invite students to step outside their comfort zone. Embracing new hobbies may be freighting, but can push us to limits we never though possible. As you scale a rock wall or trudge up a muddy hillside, you’ll be reminded of your strength and determination. Once you reach the peak or simply find your footing, your drive to conquer obstacles will reach new heights. Visit to sign up and add adventure to your fall semester!


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Welles Remy Crowther Red Bandana 5K

Honoring Boston College graduate Welles Remy Crowther with a football victory against USC sent a wave of pride through campus. You can continue to show your support for the fallen 9/11 hero by participating in the Welles Remy Crowther Red Bandana 5K on October 25. Registration is $20 for students and can be completed in advance or on race day.

Whether you register and run or simply cheer alongside the route, this fundraising event speaks to the power of perseverance and camaraderie. Crowds pour in to cheer on their classmates and runners motivate one another to keep pushing forward. Compared to the typically competitive environment at BC, events like the Red Bandana 5K remind us all to work together to accomplish a common goal. Learn more about getting involved and displaying your BC pride at

courtesy of Boston College Lacrosse/Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Lacrosse/Facebook

Honey Pot Hill Orchard

How can fall be complete without a sip of apple cider, a guilty bite into a doughnut, and a bag of apples that will go brown within week? BC2Boston provides an outing to Honey Pot Hill Orchards each fall, making the orchard known around campus. Here you can enjoy a pleasant hayride, work your way through a mini-hedge maze, and pick enough apples to never buy another overpriced one from the dining hall.


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A pleasant day spent at one of the many orchards in the greater Boston area can bring us back to our childhood memories and innocence. While your friend balances on your shoulders to grab the prized fruit, you will be reminded of the power of teamwork you were taught as a child. Conquering the mini-hedge maze, you will remember that any tedious can be accomplished with the helping hand of a friend. Gather all your friends, spend the day off campus and allow the power of fall festivities to overcome you!


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