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Fast Facts You Never Knew About BC

Coming in as a freshman at Boston College, there are a lot of things you probably would not know about the school upon entering in September. For example, maybe you didn't know there was such a thing as a Brighton campus until the first week in October (who knew?). As a means of educating freshmen and seniors alike, The Gavel has compiled a list of random, mostly fun facts that you can tell people at parties so they’ll totally think you’re the coolest person there. Without further ado…

1. Boston College was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863. (Don't worry, the facts get more exciting from here)


2. The Class of 2018 has the highest mean SAT score and GPA for an incoming class in the history of Boston College.

Kara Weeks / Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Kara Weeks / Gavel Media


3. The two most popular undergraduate majors are economics (A&S) and finance (CSOM).


4. There is a secret underground tunnel connecting Gonzaga and Kostka on Upper Campus. It's elusive, but apparently it exists.


5. With your BC ID, you can get student discounts at the Apple Store and J. Crew (perfect for upholding BC’s reputation as J. Crew U), as well as free fries at Shake Shack once per week.


6. The Mods with the letter “a” have an attic and the Mods with the letter “b” have a basement. If you're a freshman guy you probably won't know this for a long time, since no one will let you into their Mod.


7. From 1920 to 1961, the BC mascot was a stuffed and mounted eagle that stayed in the offices of the athletic department. It was a stuffed animal. (Sigh.)


8. However, in 1961, BC was able to get a live, female golden eagle to be the new mascot, with probably the worst nickname in the history of college athletics: Margo (a combination of maroon and gold). If you ever think “Baldwin” is too cheesy of a name, just remember that we once had a mascot named “Margo.”


9. As anyone who has set foot in Bapst probably knows, it was named one of the 25 most beautiful college libraries in the world.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media


10. Similarly, Boston College was named one of the 100 most beautiful college campuses.


11. BC has the largest alumni association among Catholic universities in the world, consisting of 168,651 members.


12. BC has a one-acre campus in Dublin, Ireland. Technically, it could get more inconvenient than living on Newton.


13. Located at Mile 21, BC is the best place to watch the Boston Marathon.

Photo courtesy of Megan Flynn / Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Megan Flynn / Gavel Media


14. Before finals in the spring, BC puts on Mudstock, an all-day volleyball tourmanent, and Modstock, a free (if you can withstand the lines to get your ticket) concert in the parking lot of the Mods. In 2013, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed. If you're a freshman, you can't deny how impressed you are.


15. Lastly: the atrium of Fulton Hall (the CSOM building) was modeled after the Wizard of Oz. We won't spoil anything--go check out the Tin Man-shaped lights yourself.


Hopefully, this list has increased your knowledge of BC trivia and will provide you with some super cool conversation topics this weekend.