Overheard: At the Plex

The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is in the air, and we are all drowning in comfy sweaters; fall is officially here. The recent rainy weather has sent a flock of Boston College students to the warm comfort of the Plex. This only means one thing: it’s bulking season. Boys will become men; beards will be grown; muscles will be swole. Obviously, it’s a great time to share our favorite quotes overheard at the Plex.

“Dude, I’m going to the bathroom. Just watch my stuff so no one steals my protein.”

Photo courtesy of flickr / pure wellness.

Photo courtesy of flickr / pure wellness.

“I’m tired.” - Boy

“You should have a coffee!” - Girl

“Coffee is kind of, like, poison to your body. I like to get my energy from fruit”. - Boy (winks and motions to a banana resting on his gym bag.)


Photo courtesy of flickr / Foodbey Photos

Photo courtesy of flickr / Foodbey Photos

Girl singing: “Can aaanyyybodyyy find meeeeee… Lacrosse bros to… looooove?”


“Hey, dude. Do you want to skip triceps and get an iced latte at Dunkin’?”


“Let’s hit up the sauna. If I get sweaty enough it will seem like we went hard on the treadmill.”


“Do you even cardibro?”


“Last night, I tried to put some meat in my Blender Bottle for extra protein. It was a little chunky, but it was good.”


“I need a break from being active… I gotta have a smoke.”


“If we sweat a lot right now, I think our pores will open up and we’ll be able to have more alcohol tonight.”


“Bros don’t let bros skip legs.”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr

“I don’t know if we should go… are there going to be carbs at the party?”


“C’mon, we have to do the spin class. I don’t want to like, work? But I want abs.”


“I probably shouldn’t have tried to mix my chocolate milk and Red Bull in my water bottle.”


“Dude. I got something from the salad bar today at lunch. Then I threw it away because that’s not going to help The Gains.”


William Foshay / Gavel Media

William Foshay / Gavel Media

“I always come to the Plex on my rest day. I like to just eat my New England Classic and look at everyone working out and think: ‘you earned this’.”


So whether you go to the Plex to eat your lunch, lift weights, or socialize, don’t let a few rainy days stop you. The worst-case scenario is you burn a few calories on the walk over and get to hear some truly memorable quotes.

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