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BC’s Consumer Insights Panel Seeks Eager Eagles

In today’s world inundated with media influence, most people hardly give a second thought to the advertisements and marketing that barrage them on a day-to-day basis. The methodology of marketing is a subject of study that is left to ambitious CSOM students and professionals, and for everyone else, knowledge of the subject hardly goes beyond hitting the “skip ad” button on YouTube. But, this consumer ignorance could change for a number of eager Eagles this fall.

The Carroll School of Management’s Marketing Department is bringing the science of market research and its processes to the BC community by inviting all students and staff to participate in its Consumer Insights Panel. The panel’s purpose is to serve as a pool of diverse participants whom researchers in the marketing department can survey in their quest to explore human judgment, emotion and the psychology behind modern consumer decisions.

While the primary goal of the initiative is to provide the tools necessary to conduct top-level research, marketing professors and head program coordinators Hristina Nikolova and Nailya Ordabayeva stress that participation in the research process will be highly rewarding for subjects as well as for the experimenters.

Panelists will participate in a wide range of activities – from watching and evaluating television commercials to kicking back and doing a little online shopping – all for a fine wage of $10 an hour. “Panelists simply come in and have fun doing what they do on a daily basis, while simultaneously learning something about marketing, earning some cash and meeting some people that they wouldn’t otherwise meet,” said Professor Ordabayeva.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Carroll School of Management

Photo courtesy of Boston College Carroll School of Management

While participating in the program has clear benefits for cash-hungry students and shopping enthusiasts, it also provides a unique opportunity for participants to be an essential part of a multitude of sophisticated research projects. “A lot of the projects we research not only get published in top academic journals; they get covered by many very popular news outlets,” explained Professor Ordabayeva.

Regardless of how sophisticated the department’s research methods may be, behavioral experiments are impossible without human participants; thus, a well-populated panel is of paramount importance to the program. In order to encourage the participation of any interested students and staff, the department has made registering as a panelist as simple as a few clicks of a mouse.

Interested students need only register themselves on the project’s webpage, and do not need to commit to anything more than receiving updates about upcoming experiments. Registrants will have complete liberty as to which studies they want to partake in. In this way, even the busiest students can pick and choose the experiments that they find most interesting and compatible with their individual schedules.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Carroll School of Management

Photo courtesy of Boston College Carroll School of Management

When earning a few extra dollars is as easy as online shopping or watching TV on a flexible, personalized schedule, as Professor Nikolova puts it, “there’s no reason not to come in!”

To register as a panelist in BC’s Consumer Insights Panel, please visit:

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