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Coping with a Break from Superfandom

Your alarm chirps early Saturday morning. Dazed and confused, you head towards the door with your Superfan shirt half thrown on. Maroon beads dancing around your neck as you sprint to the tailgates, you make the devastating realization: there is no football game today.

Whether it was a Friday night or a bright Saturday morning, students have been spoiled every weekend this season with football games at Alumni Stadium. Making it to Shea Field before it reaches capacity, wearing your class shirt and standing on rickety bleachers for hours is protocol. Looking toward the lack of home football games in October, your weekends may look bleak. Before you let your Superfan spirit come crashing down, read some advice we can offer you to cope with this dry spell.

1. Practice chanting rally cries in your bedroom. Not too many people can fully recite "For Boston." Use your spare time to rehearse and step up your Superfan game. Be warned that your roommates might find your cultish repetition of “eagles on the warpath” to be a bit disturbing. Maybe take this one to the showers.

Photo courtesy of Allyson LaConte / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Allyson LaConte / Facebook

2. Take a stroll down to the Plex. Your body will be convinced that you are power walking to Shea field and won’t even know the difference when it’s running on the treadmill. Right?

3. Balance on a yoga ball while you’re there. All of us know how it feels to fall off the bleachers due to our “lack of balance.” Take advantage of your newly freed Saturdays to practice your stability.

4. Forget the Plex. Drown your sorrows at Late Night. Need I say more?

5. Challenge yourself to spend the whole day in Bapst. Maybe even actually study while you are stuck there. Or at least appear to impress that tour groups that want to see if it "actually looks like Hogwarts in there."

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

6. Take a study break. Head back to Late Night, binge watch Netflix, rearrange your roommate's belongings to confuse them. Anything will work.

7. Sway slowly to classic game day songs. Oh baby, you, you got what I need. And you say he’s just a friend. (Don’t pretend you don’t know the words).

8. Chant "USA" over and over again. I am not really sure why this happens on game day, but it does nonetheless. Embrace your Eagle patriotism and give a little shout out to the good old US of A.

9. Go to Sky Zone. The adrenaline rush of flying through the air after a touchdown cannot be missed. Either find a few friends to practice your stunts with or just head to this indoor trampoline park—at least you can be sure the trampolines will catch you every time.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

10. Get a spray tan. Game day would be incomplete without that feeling of dehydration and sunstroke. Emulate your post game day glow with an artificial one--just be sure to wear your BC face stick to avoid tanning evenly.

Think these strategies won't be enough? Hold on to hope because the football season is far from over. In the meantime, there is always the option of live in denial and watch USC game highlights.

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