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World Champ Judah Friedlander's Night on the Heights

Judah Friedlander, self-proclaimed World Champion and cast member of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, graced Robsham with his presence on Friday evening. The show was organized by Boston College's Campus Activity Board.

Photo Courtesy of Boston College CAB / Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Boston College CAB / Facebook

Friedlander was preceded by opener Chris Gethard, who describes himself as a “nerdier version of Neil Patrick Harris.” Gethard appeared as a minor character in The Dictator and on a few episodes of The Office. The New Jersey native regaled the audience with stories of his recent wedding drama, such as his dilemma choosing between aqua and teal napkins, and of his trip to Orlando, where he experienced the wonders of Gatorland and its main attraction, “Chester the dawg eater.” After several minutes of Gethard reminiscing on awkward past experiences, Friedlander took the stage.

No one could question the seriousness of Friedlander’s “World Champion” status after taking a quick look at his apparel. He donned a super fan yellow shirt, his signature trucker hat, and a windbreaker, all of which had the words “World Champion.”

This casual confidence pervaded the rest of Friedlander’s act; whether he was mentioning his impossibly skilled karate expertise, claiming that he “lifts weightlifters while they’re lifting weights” or lauding his amazing auditory ability to “overhear someone overhearing someone.” Though funny at times, the material ended up mildly redundant.

Taking a different approach from his opener’s standup style, Friedlander mainly focused on calling out audience members as a jumping point for his material. He started off by commenting on several viewers’ clapping abilities and made fun of a student for wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt. “You’ve got two seasons in one outfit, man.”

Never missing an opportunity to poke fun, Friedlander said, “Lacrosse is not a sport. It’s just a frat activity that got out of hand” and called out millennials for their use of dating apps like Tinder; “You’re not the greatest generation, but definitely the most efficient.”

Friedlander had several suggestions for undergrads during the act. He condemned poli sci majors for making science so divisive, claiming that they don’t need “Republican Bunsen burners and Democratic petri dishes.” For all the economics majors who are not sure what to do after graduation, he recommends they sell their neighbors’ homes when they go on vacation to make some money.

Photo courtesy of Judah Friedlander / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Judah Friedlander / Facebook

And for anyone worried about paying off student loans he says, “ Finders keepers, man. They gave you the money. You don’t need to give it back.”

The comedian also offered plenty of other helpful ideas under the guise of his presidential platform. As audience members called out several issues plaguing our country today, like Ebola and immigration policy, Friedlander systematically and without hesitation offered his advice for any situation. When asked about gay marriage, he decided it should be mandatory; anyone who wants to have a straight marriage needs to go through gay marriage first because “women love putting men through tests anyway.” His solution to

gun control? Karate. And when tested by the controversial topic of Kim Kardashian, Friedlander replied, “Kim Kardashian has 17.7 million followers on Twitter. Twelve million people in this country are incarcerated. We’re arresting the wrong people.”

The show closed with the most important question of the night: Does Amy Poehler still hate BC? “Actually, her outgoing message on her answering machine is a rant about BC,” said Friedlander. He quickly reassured panicking audience members that, to his knowledge, Poehler has no outstanding issues with the school.

Overall, Friedlander generated quite a few laughs from the semi-filled theater. Though perhaps not the best act that BC has put on so far, the “World Champion” was a chance to have a good laugh for just a few bucks.

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