"We Run BC" Creating a Network for BC Runners

Runners rejoice!  A new student organization on campus looks to unite BC’s casual running community and form a cohesive, supportive network for BC runners.

We Run BC, as the organization calls itself, seeks to facilitate running at BC by forming an organized, casual and flexible conduit through which runners of all levels can find new routes, meet fellow runners and get further involved with running and racing at BC. 

“We’ll find you someone to run with and show you some new places to run,” cofounder Carson Truesdell, CSOM ’17, affirmed in an interview.  “We’ll also ultimately create a fun outlet for running and a way to make connections with [other runners].”

We Run BC began as an attempt to fill the void left by the lack of a casual non-varsity running organization at BC by establishing an organization for interested non-varsity runners looking to get involved with running at BC.

“We came together because there was actually no running club,” cofounder Joe Arquillo, Lynch ’17, stated.  “There was only the Campus School Marathon Team and the Varsity team, and we wanted to bridge the gap left between them.”

With no casual options for organized running available to the BC community, the interest in a non-varsity running club was evident and We Run BC has expanded at a rapid rate.

“Word of mouth has easily doubled the size of our club,” Truesdell explained.  “It’s obvious this is something BC students are passionate about.”

We Run BC currently has around forty members on the interest list and regular attendance to it’s runs, and is still expanding daily.

In regards to the future of We Run BC, Truesdell and Arquillo have high hopes for creating an interconnected community within the organization.

Photo courtesy of jpo.ct / flickr

Photo courtesy of jpo.ct / flickr

“We want to just go with [our daily running schedule] for the first few weeks and then, based on people’s interests and people’s paces, see if we want to introduce workouts from there--hopefully by the end of the year bring it to races depending on the individual,” Arquillo confessed when asked about the organization’s plans for the future.

While it is not yet officially recognized by the university, We Run BC hopes to be an official club by the end of the year.

Additionally, We Run BC stresses that it is open to runners of all fitness and commitment levels.

We Run BC currently has group runs that meet outside of the Plex at different times every day of the week and plans to do the Welles Remy Crowther Red Bandana 5k as a team. Practice times can be found by emailing werunbc@gmail.com or by contacting either Carson Truesdell or Joe Arquillo.

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