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MBTA Plans to Consolidate B Line

Taking the T from the Boston College Station might become less terrible in the near future. As part of a proposed Commonwealth Avenue redesign, the MBTA would consolidate four stops from the B branch of the Green Line into two upgraded, safe, and accessible stops.

According to a press release from State Senator Will Brownsberger, the plan calls to consolidate the Boston University West, St. Paul, Babcock and Pleasant stops into two stops. These frequent stops—currently located within a half-mile stretch of Comm Ave—are one of the reasons why the average trolley speed is between six and eight miles per hour between Brighton and Kenmore.

Under the proposed plan, the four stops—which are no more than 0.15 miles away from the next closest stop—would be replaced by two stops. One would be slightly outbound (towards BC) from the current BU West stop, and the other would be slightly inbound (towards Boston) from the current Babcock Street stop.

On Thursday, Oct 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. Brownsberger will co-host a public forum at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. The forum, serving as an update on last May’s “Green Line Forum,” will contain a presentation from MBTA personnel that will cover the cost and funding, the locations of the new stops and other safety upgrades, among other topics. MBTA personnel will also answer questions from the public.

For students at Boston College, the B branch is not an attractive option (it was even beaten in a race by a group of runners), and students are skeptical that the proposed plan will change that.

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

“It doesn’t sound like it will cut too much off the commute,” said Pete Trainor, A&S ’15. “And I honestly think that Boston College students, as they get older, become a lot more loyal to the D line. It’s so much faster.”

Paige McAvinn and Shannon Courtney, both CSOM ’18, agree, citing the speed advantage of the D branch even with the proposed consolidation plan of the B branch.

Brownsberg’s office has not gotten responses from college students on the proposed plan, but the office encourages students to share their unique perspective on the proposed consolidation.

“Our office to my knowledge has not as of yet received direct feedback from college students on the proposed consolidation, but we certainly encourage students to attend the meeting on October 23 to express their thoughts” said Jeanne Mooney, Brownseberger’s Communications Director, in an email to The Gavel. “Whether riders can attend the meeting or not, we also invite them to comment on the proposal at the Senator's website at this link. Anyone can post and it's a great way to see various views on the issue.”

If you have a burning hatred of the B branch or just want your opinion heard on the matter, consider going to the public forum on Thursday or commenting on the Senator’s website. If you attend the forum, try to take the C or D branch if you can; the B branch is horribly slow.

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