In a True Team Effort, BC Routs UMass

In Boston College's 4-1 win over UMass last night, the entire team—from goalie, to defense, to offense—played spectacularly and consistently. While many BC players had phenomenal games, no one player stole the show. Rather, the chemistry with which the entire team played did steal the show.

The first period was an indecisive one. Both BC and UMass had power play opportunities, and both teams had a handful of good chances, but neither capitalized and managed to find twine.

In an especially scrappy quarter, an unranked UMass team certainly held its own, and even tested sophomore goalie Thatcher Demko a few times.

Both teams took twelve shots, six of which BC managed to put on goal and three of which UMass managed to put on goal. BC had three penalties whereas UMass had one. Overall, the first period was about as even of a period as one could conjure up.

During the second period, BC managed to separate itself with two goals, the former from freshman forward Alex Tuch and the latter from sophomore forward Adam Gilmour. The Eagles managed to capitalize on the plentiful amount of opportunities they managed to generate on offense.

Not to be overshadowed by the offense, BC’s momentum-stealing defense and Thatcher Demko’s unflappable gameplay gave UMass no opportunity whatsoever to find the net. To call the second period pure domination would be hyperbolic. However, BC strongly resembled last year’s team, one that absolutely dominated a majority of the regular season.

Statistically, BC posted twenty shots, while UMass posted fifteen. UMass freshman goalie Henry Dill made eight saves while BC sophomore goalie Thatcher Demko made eleven.

Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

The third and last period was the most intense period, during which BC scored two goals and UMass scored one. BC really stepped up its gameplay, posting twenty-five shots, while UMass posted thirteen. Though UMass’s freshman goalie Henry had an excellent game, it wasn’t enough. Ultimately, BC triumphed 2-1 in the period and 4-1 overall.

The game, according to BC men's hockey head coach Jerry York, was played with “a lot of skill, a lot of quickness, [and] a lot of physical play.” Furthermore, York stated, “the game was played at a very fast pace.” As for one of BC’s greatest successes, York added that the team “stayed comfortable in the game…[and] that’s a trait a lot of teams never acquire.” Finally—as for sophomore forward Matt Gaudreau, who looked shaken up after sustaining a hit in the third period, York was quick to add that “Matt Gaudreau is OK; he’s fine.”

Ultimately, the story of this game was not one in which a single player played like a superstar. It was, however, about a group of guys—on offense and on defense—who played their hearts out against an unrelenting UMass team. This team, after losing nearly two weeks ago in its opener against UMass Lowell 2-5, wanted to prove that it is just as much of a contender as it was last year. And last night’s game certainly helped it support that goal.

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