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UGBC To Revise Student Guide

UGBC and the Dean of Students Office are working together to completely revise the student guide. The student guide governs almost everything done on campus – it includes the code of conduct as well as student rights, responsibilities and resources.

Eleanor Mitchell '15, Daniel Sundaram '16 and Thomas Napoli '16 make up the committee that will work with the Dean of Students Office on the new guide. They have established a tentative timeline of two months to finish the process.

Although it affects everyone, many students have never even read the guide. The committee hopes to be able to change that with the new guide.

"This is not just a chance to rewrite the student guide, but also a chance for us to add in our own proposals,” said Napoli.

This past summer, the sexual assault policies and alcohol policies were updated, but according to Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, UGBC President, UGBC was not included in the discussion before the revisions were made.

Photo courtesy of Steven Davy/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Steven Davy/Flickr

Currently the guide is sent out to all students at the beginning of each term, but even students who do read the guide then might not know that the guide can be updated by the Dean of Students office throughout the term without notifying the students of that change. The section in the guide on appealing sanctions was updated last week, something virtually all students were unaware of.

The revised document will focus not just on discipline and conduct, but most likely place more emphasis on student rights and what resources are available to them on campus.

“ I think it should be more resource-oriented and direct students to their rights as well as their responsibilities,” said Ryan Deoliveira, ‘17. “Something that will be really important is free speech on campus. That’s something we’re working on very closely.”

After the committee presented to the assembly, they began a discussion on goals for the revised guide. Many students emphasized the importance of making the document more accessible to students and suggested ways to get more students to read it.

Several students proposed breaking the guide up into two separate documents – one focused solely on conduct, the other including all the other information for students. Someone also suggested creating a way for the student body to comment or share suggestions on the guide during the revision process.

One member of UGBC summed up the tone of the discussion, saying that instead of just being a dry set of rules and sanctions, the guide should reflect the type of environment students want to have on campus. Fiore-Chettiar said that their goal is to create “a guide that reflects the best BC we can imagine.”

 Editor's note: Have suggestions for the new student guide? Email your input to 

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