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Do you consider yourself to be a seasoned runner? Have you even gone for a run this semester? If not, then it’s time to step up your game. According to a recent study conducted by the Boston-based company RunKeeper, Bostonians love to run.

Last month RunKeeper and Runner’s World, a Pennsylvanian magazine, collaborated to compare running statistics for all 50 states. They used data from the RunKeeper app, which stores an individual’s running and other workout information, to calculate how fast, far, and often the users in each state run on average. The study tracked 17 million runs between September 2013 and August 2014 and corrected the data to each state’s population. Unsurprisingly, Massachusetts ranked first place overall, earning 1st for speed with a pace of 10:15 min/mile, 4th for distance with an average of 4.1 miles/run, and 14th for frequency with 3.4 runs/month.

Even though the 14th spot for frequency is a little disappointing, it is not bad considering the rough winter conditions that come with living on the East coast. Oregon, North Carolina, and Arizona topped the list in this category, partly because of their more ideal running conditions. RunKeeper agrees, noting, “the moderate weather of these states allows runners to get out and do their thing year-round without having to conquer brutal cold or blazing heat.”

Courtesy of Community Running Association

Courtesy of / Boston Community Running Association

It is important to note that the data in this study is limited to the number of people that use the RunKeeper app, and it does not take miles run on a treadmill into account. RunKeeper was also founded in Boston, so it would make sense that there are more users in the Boston area.

Ignoring the bias in the study, Boston has always been a Mecca for runners around the country. Our marathon is phenomenal; it is the oldest and most competitive in the country. According to Running USA’s Annual Marathon Report, the Boston Marathon also boasts the fastest minimum completion time at 3:31:17, which only exemplifies the fact that when Bostonians run they go all out.

Boston is also home to thousands of young college students. College students have a tendency to want to stay in shape (Have you noticed how full the Plex is all the time?), and running is a great way to do so. They are also more likely to have apps like RunKeeper to track their workouts. This would have a significant impact on the results of the study, as the RunKeeper app was the source of the data.

If these statistics have inspired you to bust out your tennis shoes and go for a jaunt around the reservoir, go ahead and download the RunKeeper app first so we can boost our statistics even higher for next year. Even if you don’t want to track your runs, running is a great way to not only stay in shape, but also to relieve stress and see the beautiful landscape that surrounds BC.

Courtesy of's World

Courtesy of / Runner's World