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WZBC Fall Concert Review

On Tuesday, November 4th, Potty Mouth, Coma Cinema, and Ben Katzman's Degreaser played the WZBC Fall Concert at the Great Scott in Allston. After spending the past week living vicariously through the twitter posts of friends and bands at Fest in Florida, I was incredibly pumped to listen to some cool music with friends. The Great Scott was a nice intimate venue, and the sound was just right for the event.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Kerr.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Kerr

With their lucky KISS record next to them, the opening act, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser, was an energetic blast. They played a few catchy covers and doled out astrological advice to the audience. Stage presence was focal -- they just seemed like cool, funny dudes. The lead singer even correctly guessed that I’m a Scorpio.

Lo-fi and shredding abound, I still felt the songs lacked some originality (but boy were they fun). I would love it if they added a touch more depth, put in some more difficult chord progressions, and really complemented their personal atmosphere. But hey, fun Kiss and Metallica covers.

Coma Cinema was a nice change of pace in the middle of the two other acts. Matt Cothran sang with his guitar and briefly played harmonica. His songs were the kind of whiny emo songs that one comes to expect from an Orchid Tapes artist. He sang a couple of new songs in addition to a few from his latest album, Posthumous Release.

It was a nice slow down after the energetic Degreaser: a good change of pace. The audience swayed along to songs about love, rejection and taking drugs in a junkyard, including “Monica,” one of my all-time favorite songs. Even if his dream of John Cena coming to the show didn’t come true, he still played like Cena was watching.

DSC_3389(Potty Mouth)

Photo courtesy of Katherine Kerr

Then, the clouds parted, angels sang, and Potty Mouth came on stage. I hadn’t listened to their music beforehand, so I went in without expectations. I came out with a new favorite band.

Potty Mouth is an all-girl group, and they look like the edgy hardcore girls that you desperately wanted to be friends with in high school but never felt cool enough to approach. They played some pop-punk and everyone danced together in that special pop-punk way.

It was worth it, narrowly missing elbows flying at my face from four very ecstatic moshers, to stand up at the front. Standing right in front of the speakers was probably not the best move for my eardrums but it definitely was to be able to experience Potty Mouth at their fullest.

The Fall Concert was a great time and one of the numerous ways WZBC has helped me to find cool and upcoming bands. It was fun to see all sorts of people that I didn’t recognize from the station at the concert, proving that WZBC's waves reach far beyond BC's campus.

I’ll be remembering this concert fondly for longer than it takes to get these X’s off of my hands.

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