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Love Your Body Week 2014 Preview

On the bottom floor of McElroy, tucked behind the technology shop, sits the Women’s Center. Less than a week before Love Your Body Week, the office is cluttered, but calm. Throughout the room are stacks of t-shirts, and uplifting signs that dot the wraparound bookcase. On the far side of the room, a girl sits on top of a navy poster, painting letters on it with white paint. This was the scene of The Gavel's chat with Grace Na, one of eight undergraduate employees at the Women’s Center, about Love Your Body Week.

Love Your Body Week has been a BC tradition since 2005. The event aims to promote positive body image and raise awareness about body image issues. Love Your Body Week will take place this coming week from November 11 through November 14.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Women's Center / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Boston College Women's Center / Facebook

The week's events commence today, Monday, November 10, with a talk by Professor Bonnie Rudner called “Can’t Let it Go” about how the media--particularly Disney--unrealistically portrays female bodies. The event will feature clips from popular Disney films. Also on Monday is an event called "Bodies That Matter," which is sponsored by the Women’s and Genders Studies department and includes a speech from Professor Whiting on the black body.

Tuesday features two events as well, including "Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself" and "I Am That Girl." Check Yourself Before You Wreck yourself is an event run by Sankofa, The Freshman League, DIOP and Sexual Chocolate that is focused around the pressures that affect men at BC. The event is run by male facilitators and will begin with a presentation for the full group followed by small group discussions.

Tuesday will also feature an event with the founder of I Am That Girl, Alexis Jones. I Am That Girl is an online community that has local offline communities, BC being home to one of them. The program’s goal is to create media content that empowers women to go after their passions. “It’s a special thing for an organization on campus to have their founder come in,” says Na.

Wednesday will include a slam poetry event featuring Lily Myers, author of “The Shrinking Woman” and winner of The Slam Poet. The event will also feature poetry performances by other BC students. The Emb[race] Your Body event will take place on Thursday evening, and will include a FACES panel with students of different races talking about their bodies and body image.

Photo courtesy of Body Image Movement / Facebook

Photo courtesy of Body Image Movement / Facebook

On Friday afternoon, there will be a special yoga class in the Plex called "Love Your Body Through Yoga." It differs from normal yoga in that includes more meditation and a focus on appreciation of one’s body. Finally, Friday night will conclude with "The Good Body" monologues performed by BC students.

According to Na, the Women’s Center has been hard at work and is looking forward to a week of creating dialogue and promoting the resources available on campus. “One of the main things I want for the week is stimulating conversation on campus about body image," says Na. "A healthy body is not just about your physical body but everything else that goes on like your personality and character."

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