Leaving Early Leaves a Mark

The clock is winding down, there are five seconds left in the game, the crowd is roaring and counting down to zero in unison. The final whistle blows and the crowd erupts into cheers, hugging each other and singing “For Boston” at the top of their lungs.

Ha, just kidding, barely anyone is left at the end of our football games and those stragglers who do stay for its entirety are often faced with the disappointment of yet another loss at Alumni.

We can blame our kicker for missing that extra point, our receivers for letting the ball slip through their fingers, our defense for not holding off the other team or our quarterback for his inaccurate throws. While we’re pointing fingers at the football team, however, they have every right to put some of the blame on us. That’s right, us.

“What? How would it be our fault?” the dumbfounded Superfan gasps! The fans aren’t the ones playing the game, where is the drive and persistence of these D1 athletes? Well… it’s kind of hard to push yourself to the breaking point when you look up in the stands and they’re almost empty by the third quarter. As an athlete, you feed off of the energy and intensity from the crowd and judging from our Superfans, they are playing just as expected.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Football / Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Boston College Football / Facebook

We’ve had the chances; we could easily be 8-2 right now. Close games to Colorado State and Clemson should have been tallied on the left side of that dash, but (sigh) we are 6-4. Two instances where we could have easily come out on top, but small mistakes cost us the game. “Oh, we’re down by three, better get out of here before it gets any worse,” seems to be the common mindset of students on these football Saturdays.

Imagine you are making a presentation in front of your entire lecture of 200 students. By the time you’re halfway through, about 35 or so remain. How would you proceed with the presentation? Now, compare this to Saturday night under the lights of Alumni--change the initial crowd size to about 2000 and let’s say about 500 remain after half-time. We go from completely filling all six student sections to barely going ten rows up in three of them.

How motivated would you be to keep playing?

Put yourselves in the players' shoes: standing on the sideline and looking up into the stands to see them nearly empty when you come back out after half-time. I can guarantee the players aren't looking up and thinking, "Hey, look at all those fans! Let's win this one for them!" because there's barely anyone left to play for.

So, why? Why do students feel the need to leave games early? Why can't us Superfans stick around till the final seconds of the game? The Gavel took to the streets to figure out some of the reasons students leave games early. Let's see if you can relate.

"Hunger. Can't use meal plan at the games ($2300 one) and the lack-luster excitement was not worth staying for."

-Matt Garbus, CSOM '18

"I got bored and I was really hungry."

-Kayla Walczyk, A&S '18

"Work and stuff."

-Sean Poueymirou, A&S '16

"The Clemson game, my friend got arrested and it killed our mood, so we left after the first quarter."

-Nick Klingler, A&S '18

"I was tired, if it's a good game I'll stay. It just depends on the day."

-Alex Farrell, A&S '17

"If we're not winning, it's not exciting and by halftime I'm kind of over it."

-Natalia Cosio, CSOM '18

"It was cold, man."

-Adam Li, A&S '17

"I like to go to the post-game tailgates, or I like to nap before them. Nap and Rally."

-Kevin Sheridan, CSOM '18

Photo by Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media.

Photo by Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

As you can see, we're not exactly in the same category of fans that are mentioned on the college football Snapchat stories. Why not try and work towards that status of superfandom? Do it for the story, do it for the love of the game, do it for the men busting their butts on that field every day to give us something to cheer for or even to show off your cheers to impress that cutie in your Calc class.

Please BC, let's live up to our Superfan name and give these players some fans worth fighting for.

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