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Event Preview: BCTalks on Nov. 17th

As one of the top private universities in the nation with notable faculty members, it’s no surprise that Boston College is filled with brilliant young minds. Such minds are put to hard work year-round, yielding exceptional accomplishments that often go unnoticed by the community.

Perhaps these accomplishments find their way onto a single line on one’s resume, only to gain recognition by a few employers. But aren’t we here to do more than just land an internship or find a job? Isn’t college a place where we as students realize our potential to make a difference in the world? Where we can have our voices heard?

Photo courtesy of BCTalks: An Undergraduate Research Series / Facebook

Photo courtesy of BCTalks: An Undergraduate Research Series / Facebook

In 2011, the Education for Students by Students (ESS) Organization here at BC recognized this need for a platform to spread student ideas on campus. In response, they established BCTalks, a biannual event in which students can share their hard work and research, modeled after the world-renowned TedTalks.

To get a better feel of what BCTalks are about, check out past performances on their YouTube channel. This fall’s event will take place this Monday, November 17, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Walsh Function Room. Here’s what you can expect:

The fall 2014 BCTalks event will be showcasing eight students who have put extensive amounts of time and care into their research and have developed innovative ideas. While the majority of speakers have traditionally been upperclassmen, particularly seniors with theses, this year the pool of students represents all four grade levels.

The topics covered at the event will range from Kenya’s failed counterterrorism strategy, to the advantage of optimism, and to a discussion on e-cigarettes. See the full schedule on the official BCTalks website here. Each student lecturer will present for 15 minutes, and audience members are free to come in and out for whichever topics they are interested in.

In the yellow room next to Mac, co-director of BCTalks Jack Moroney, A&S ’15, sat down to talk a little more about his experience with the event. Perhaps jokingly, or maybe not, Moroney admitted to having watched one TedTalk per day leading up to the event. He joined BCTalks two years ago as a sophomore, when a senior at the time recommended it to him.

“It’s reassuring to know that kids, people in your own BC community, are using their research and knowledge for good,” Moroney said. “These kids are really applying themselves to pursuits that will help the world, and getting to help spread their message is really rewarding.”

This Monday, BC students are in for a real treat as these eight students have been preparing for months on end researching, submitting applications, doing run-throughs and making power points. Come see the end result of all their hard work and preparation, and don’t forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook!

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