A Laughing Matter: My Mother's Fleabag Shine in Fall Show

This past weekend hundreds of BC students made the trek up all the not-so-million-dollar-stairs to Upper’s O’Connell House. Once there, they sat in a dimly lit room with chairs positioned in rows so tight that a piece of paper could not have fit between them and waited in anticipation. In front of them was a makeshift stage positioned before a converging staircase with the unmistakable image of a flea sitting in a director’s chair on the wall.

This past weekend was the witty and hysterical Fall Big Shows of Boston College’s very own improv group, My Mother’s Fleabag. Though the entertaining moments were abundant, here are our top five favorite moments from the show:

fleabag 4

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

5. 5 Things, 4 Minutes

In a game of high stakes charades, flea baggers, Alex Dzialo, A&S ‘15, and Pat Genovese, A&S ‘15, mimed out clues and spoke in gibberish in order to help their fellow member Sean Bloomstine, A&S ‘15, guess five outrageous audience-created sentences, like “Watching wrestling with Taylor Swift in a cemetery” or “Counting fruit loops in an igloo with Cher” in under four minutes.


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Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

4.Freeze Improv

Floppy waving car dealership balloons, melting babies and roasted legs. These are just parts of some of the scenes the members of My Mother’s Fleabag created during Freeze Improv this Friday night. Fleabaggers had to create an entirely original scene based off some strange position an audience member placed them in and then continued to recreate new scenes each time someone yelled "Freeze!" The creativity of the scene switches had the audience roaring with laughter.


3. Pan Left, Pan Right

Genovese, along with fellow members Matt Hession, CSOM ’16, Chris Prall, CSOM ’17, and Jenna Postiglione, A&S ‘17, rotated in pairs through four fully improvised scenes, centered around an audience-suggested theme: gum. The drastically different scenes included an over-enthusiastic dentist/cosmetologist, a family who sticks everything to their wall (with gum), an insane kid talking to an adult and a girl who gains abilities by taking them away from her friend.


2.The Classic “185 ____ walked into a Bar” Jokes

185 ____ walked into a bar and ...

Members of My Mother’s Fleabag have quite the talent for coming up with jokes on the spot; give them a suggestion for the blank and they’ll instantly start providing on the spot jokes. Some suggestions from this weekend’s show were salmon, poodles and monuments.

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media


“185 Salmons walk into a bar and the one salmon looks over and is like:

‘Oh gosh I can’t stand hipster salmon!’

and the other guy’s like:

‘What makes you think he’s a hipster salmon?'

‘I’ve never seen him in the mainstream.’”

Amanda Hoffman:

“185 poodles walk into a bar and one of them sits down and the bartender goes

‘Hey, how’s your husband doing, wasn’t he sick?’

‘Yeah he has a really barking cough, it’s sort of ruff.’”


 1. The Opera

Of course what would a Big Show be without the appearance of the group singing songs about Boston College...in their underwear? Parodies of ‘hair-metal’ songs like Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” Twisted Sister’s “We’re not Gonna Take it," and Queen’s “We Will Rock You” resulted in some all too relatable parodies such as “Living like Freshman," “We’re not Gonna Make it (onto Shea)" and “We Love Mac Food.”

If you didn’t make it out this weekend and you enjoy laughing, be sure to catch My Mother’s Fleabag in the O’Connell House for their next Big Show. After all, the jokes are much more effective live and are funnier when you consider the talent it takes to make them up on the spot.

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

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