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Everyone is Gay at BC

Who could imagine a tumblr entitled Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber would some day lead to important dialogues about sexuality between parents and their children? That’s exactly what happened when people began sending angry comments about stereotyping to the Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber tumblr run by Dannielle Owens Reid.

Reid reached out to Kristin Russo, who was working on her Masters in Gender Studies at the time, and together the two began responding to the negative comments with sass and jokes. Soon they began receiving serious questions from LGBTQ youth. From there the two created a tumblr entitled Everyone Is Gay and later a website.

Everyone is Gay/Facebook

Photo courtesy of Everyone is Gay/Facebook

When a string of bullying-related LGBTQ suicides attracted the attention of the media in 2010, Russo and Reid reached out to their fans asking what more they could do. The two received a resounding, “Please come to our schools.”

They then began doing just that. They proceeded to create a website for parents of LGBTQ teens and published a book of the same purpose, This is a Book for Parents of Kids. They are currently touring the U.S. and Canada to promote their book.

On Monday, Nov. 17, Reid and Russo came to Boston College. The event, organized by Itzel Ayala and Carly Munnely and sponsored by GLC and Allies of Boston College, took place in the Fulton Honors Commons. Munnely called Everyone is Gay back in September and requested they come.

At the event, Reid and Russo shared the story of how their organization began, talked about how to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ community and promoted their book. The two both read their own coming out stories published in their new book, and the talk ended with a question and answer session. The two took on the event with their usual playful sincerity, confronting important issues with humor and plainspoken language.

While the two are excited about the book and its impact, neither Reid nor Russo thought of it as their biggest success.  When asked about their biggest success Russo said, “I think it’s that laughter, that space we carved out in the early days, that was probably the biggest success that we’ve had.”

The pair will continue their book tour through mid December and they plan to continue their advice column and videos. Beyond that, Reid and

Everyone is Gay/tumblr

Photo courtesy of Everyone is Gay/tumblr

Russo are unsure of what the future holds for Everyone is Gay, but this does not worry them. “Had (we been asked about the future) at any point in our growth we never would have known the answer,” said Reid and yet here they are today with an advice book for parents, the indirect result of tumblr account featuring lesbians who like Justin Bieber.



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