FSU Week - The Perfect Storm

Unless you are a resident of Tallahassee, a Florida State Student, or some bandwagoning, fair weather, Drake-like sports fan, you don’t like the Florida State Seminoles football team. You especially can’t stand their quarterback, Jameis Winston. This leaves you spending Saturdays pulling for your own team, and then whichever team is playing FSU.

It just so happens that this week, for all of us here at Boston College, we won’t have to root for two different teams this week. That’s right, the Eagles get their shot at Florida State. Did knowing this game was coming up change how we felt about the big nationally televised FSU-Miami game last week? Did we actually find ourselves rooting for the Seminoles? Finally, what did last week’s result mean for BC and what is our outlook for, undoubtedly, one of the biggest games in school history?

In case you have been living under a rock, Florida State has been on a special run over the past couple seasons. In fact, when BC plays the Seminoles this Saturday it will be nearly two years since FSU lost a game. For the Noles to get to this point though, they had to get through a tough primetime match up against their rival University of Miami Hurricanes last week.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Photo Courtesy of Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

It's tough to pin down what the main reason for everyone’s FSU hatred is. It starts at Jameis. It might be his many legal troubles from accused sexual assault, to theft, to possible point shaving. It might be his arrogance and cockiness. It might be because he robbed Andre Williams of a Heisman that was rightfully his. Or maybe it's just because, week in and week out, Jameis and the Noles are just so good at finding ways to win.

Whatever fuels your anti-FSU fire, Boston College fans, and most college football fans alike, were behind Miami last Saturday night. As usual, though, when crunch time came around, the Seminoles scored a late touchdown for a comeback win, 30-26, over the Hurricanes. Despite our initial disappointment that Goliath didn’t fall, maybe this was for our own good.

Let us take a moment and consider what the situation would be for the Eagles, had Miami won. First, we would all be excited and thrilled that Miami did what everyone had been waiting for some team to do for nearly two years. Momentarily, we all might actually forget how annoying it is that they refer to themselves as “The U” as if they are the only actual university in the country, if not the world. Then, we would start to think about what this would do to Florida State.

The Noles would know that, thanks to college football’s new playoff system, one loss, by no means, would put them out of contention. From here on out, though, they would have no room for error, and Boston College would have to face an angry Florida State team out to avenge the loss that ended their shot at two consecutive undefeated seasons.

Boston College won’t be running into that buzzsaw though. Instead, the Eagles might be a bit of an afterthought for Florida State. Think about this 4 week span. FSU’s slate included rival Miami, Boston College, rivalry week against University of Florida, and then the ACC championship game. Since Florida State didn't lose to Miami, they aren't out for revenge against Boston College. So even though it goes against our nature, we should be happy FSU won that game.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Photo Courtesy of Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Of the rest of the games on the schedule for Florida State, Boston College has to draw the least of their attention. After their big rivalry win on Miami, and their next rivalry game in sight, Boston College is going to be a tough game for the Noles to get up and ready for in light of their other contests. This point of possible vulnerability for the Seminoles, combined with Boston College’s success this season in the situation they are in now, could make the perfect scenario for an upset.

Coming off losses this year, the Eagles are 3-0. Those three wins were against some decent competition, including road wins over Wake Forest and North Carolina State, who took FSU down to the wire themselves. Plus don't forget the unforgettable upset of USC. The Eagles also won coming off of their last bye week. Combine coming off a loss with their bye week, and they must be practically unbeatable.

Boston College also has a good matchup against the Seminoles from a football standpoint. The Eagles 4th ranked rush defense should completely shut down the 105th ranked FSU running game. Then, the Eagles 12th ranked rushing offense should be able to find some holes in the 36th ranked Seminole rush defense. Much of the pressure then falls on the shoulders of the reigning Heisman winner. The winner of the chess match between Winston and the BC secondary most likely will decide the game.

As good as the matchup looks, and as perfect as the timing of the game is, Florida State still hasn’t lost in nearly two full years. Expecting the Eagles to win would be foolish, but optimism and an expectation to be competitive is entirely fair as this may be the perfect storm for BC. The Eagles should be able to keep this close, give the champs a run for their money, and hopefully end the streak of Jameis’ late game heroics.

Let’s just hope BC winning or losing doesn’t come down to a field goal.

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