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The Hidden Hipster Havens of Boston

It seems like just about everyone in Boston is or acts like a hipster. Strolling down Newbury Street, the faces and hipster boots may seem a bit too familiar, a bit too mundane and repetitive. Spice things up this winter and try out some new spots that even your most underground friends may not have heard about yet.

Photo courtesy of Tealuxe/Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Tealuxe/Facebook.

Tealuxe / Zero Brattle St., Harvard Square 
Cambridge, MA 02138

Coffee shops can be fun and all, but why not try a hip and tastier alternate to your run-of-the-mill coffee shop? Head over to Harvard Square for an afternoon tea. Tealuxe has more than 100 different teas to try. One of their more unique and innovative creations sold is their seasonal “chaider,” a mix of chai tea and hot apple cider. This drink boasts warm hints of cinnamon and vanilla from the chai with a crisp taste of apples from the cider. “Chaider” or not, Tealuxe is sure to provide any customer with a perfect tea for their unique cravings.

PC Café Between Hours / 154 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA, 02134

While in the Harvard area, you make have the sudden urge to get some studying done (maybe). PC Café Between Hours is a small Internet café, and one of Boston’s best secret study hideouts. This café has comfy seating, video games and an unexpectedly upscale feel. Besides the great amenities, the real reason one should come here is be cause of their bubble tea and unique deserts. Besides many fruity flavors of bubble tea, this café also offers rare South Korean desserts, along with the classic coffee and desert options.

Photo courtesy of Craft Beer Cellar Belmont/Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Craft Beer Cellar Belmont/Facebook.

Craft Beer Cellar51 Leonard St.
, Belmont, MA 02478

For those 21-and-over hipsters, your beer shopping experience just got a whole lot craftier. The Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont has endless shelves of seemingly every craft brew around. The owners of Craft Brew Cellar and their staff can tell you everything you need to know about each beer. Still not sure on your preferences? There are tastings here nearly every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Buy a case or make up your own six (or twelve, or eighteen) pack.

Kupel’s Bagel Shop421 Harvard St.
, Brookline, MA 02446

Even Bostonians can get sick of Dunkin’ Donuts and their bagels. Instead of heading to another chain, try Kupel’s, a neighborhood favorite kosher bakery in Brookline. Open everyday except for Saturdays, Kupel’s specializes in Jewish pastries and breads like challah, and everything from their bagels to their spreads are made right there. Even New Yorkers have hailed Kupel’s for their bagels, an impressive feat for any bagel made outside of NYC. Although we don’t have to take it from the New Yorkers, Kupel’s Bakery has been voted the best bagels in Boston, by Bostonians themselves.

Photo courtesy of Fanieul Hall/Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Fanieul Hall/Facebook.

Museum of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company1 Faneuil Hall Square, 
Boston, MA 02109

How many thousands of tourists romp through Faneuil Hall every day? Faneuil Hall is one of the busiest travel destinations in New England, and yet it hides an amazing secret: there’s a museum full of weapons in the attic! That is right, there is a military museum of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company on the fourth floor of Faneuil Hall. The Company is the oldest chartered military organization in the Western Hemisphere. This museum houses a unique array of weaponry, from swords to cannons, muskets to machine guns, medals, cannonballs, bullets and many other wonders dating back to 1638. Known for arriving on the battlefield after the fighting is over, the Ancient and Honorable have also accumulated a grand collection of mementos, such as arrowheads and Indian tools, antique saddles, a Civil War surgeon’s kit, and elegant swords.

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