Finals Week Study Spots, By Noise Level

Finals are the hardest part of a college student's academic year, with professors expecting nothing but the best performance on essays and exams. To obtain the best grade possible, you have to find the study spot that works best for your style. Either on-campus or off-campus, with background noise or in complete silence, there are many different study spots for Boston College students this finals season. Here are eight unique places to get your finals grind on this semester, ordered from loudest to quietest, for every type of student.

Upstairs of Lower Dining Hall

Noise level: medium-loud

While some BC students have yet to even venture up the stairs of Lower and scope out what is there, the upstairs of Corcoran Commons is a great place for someone to study in a laid-back environment.

"My favorite place to study is upstairs in Lower at one of the booths," explains Dariah Lauer, A&S ’16. “It’s pretty quiet, but there is still a little buzz from downstairs.”

While tucked away in your own booth studying, you are also close to Addie’s, Lower Dining Hall, and On-The-Fly for snacks at any hour.

Photo courtesy of Marco Paköeningrat / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Marco Paköeningrat / Flickr


Noise level: medium-loud

Get away from campus for an early morning and head over to the Starbucks in Cleveland Circle or Newton Center. Be sure to arrive early to get a table, since they are high in demand (especially during finals week). Not only does Starbucks offer an off-campus study spot to get your mind off of the thousands of other students studying, but you are also just a few steps away from tasty warm caffeinated beverages that will definitely recharge your batteries. Make sure to be courteous to the café and other customers by purchasing an appropriate amount of food & drinks while you are occupying a table.

“It’s nice to give your mind a break by getting off campus,” says Lauren Nickl, A&S '15.

Eagle’s Nest/The Rat, after hours

Noise level: medium

After the lunch rush, these places clear out fairly well, and are left unlocked. The long tables offer ample room to spread out your study materials. The atmosphere of these study spaces is a lot more casual than Bapst, while still with the added bonus of extended table space to sprawl. While many people forget about these spots after normal dining hours, it is important to keep them in mind because they are great study areas. There are usually not many people, so you are able to spread out and get a whole table for yourself. As an added bonus, Eagle’s Nest is also only a staircase away from Mac for some late night mozz sticks when you get stuck in a rut.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

McGuinn Classrooms

Noise level: your choice

While McGuinn may not have the curb-appeal of Stokes, McGuinn still offers many empty classrooms in which to study. The rooms offer privacy for a group study, and you can usually get a nice one on the top floor with a great view. While studying late into the night, the beautiful view of Boston all lit up will keep you motivated to stick it out. Classrooms are a great place to study because not only do you have the room to yourself and your friends, you are able to spread out your study materials and use the chalkboards and whiteboards to work out problems or connect ideas.

Café in Mac

Noise level: quiet--medium

This small space is bound to fill up quickly, but the old Chocolate Bar café-turned-lounge is a small yet ideal space to study. With Mac and On the Fly right next door and Upper just a staircase away, this lounge is perfect for the lazy freshman. Like most good study spaces on campus, this room is sure to fill up quickly because it does not have too many tables. But, the tables are large and the chairs are comfortable, so this café cannot be overlooked this finals season.

Photo courtesy of Yuefeng D / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Yuefeng D / Flickr

Boston Public Library

Noise level: quiet

If Bapst is not majestic enough for your taste, take the T over to the Boston Public Library. The library is gigantic and is full of uniquely different Bostonians from all walks of life. This study spot is ideal if you are looking to get away from campus for a day and enjoy a new, unique study space. Go with a few of your close friends for a nice finals-themed  end-of-the-year trip into Boston, with an Instagram post almost guaranteed.

Theology Library on Brighton Campus

Noise level: quiet

While Brighton may be a bit of a hike, this library is a great place to get away while still staying near campus. The large windows overlook a wooded area, offering a beautiful change of scenery as well. This hidden gem stays quiet, and it is better than the main hall in Bapst because it is not so open and overwhelming.

Photo courtesy of (cup)cake_eater / Flickr

Photo courtesy of (cup)cake_eater / Flickr

Bapst Library

Noise level: silence

An oldie, but a goodie: Bapst, in all its majesty, is sure to be silent, but it fills up very quickly during finals week. This campus-favorite library is considered the most beautiful and silent place to study on campus, however, be wary of its sacred grounds. Spaces at the tables can be hard to snag during finals week--Bapst will fill up fast with people who want to spread their study materials out on the large wooden tables. Stake out a side table with one or two friends so the open hall won’t be so all-consuming. The silence and the sight of everyone studying around you will definitely help motivate you to keep your focus during these last few brutal days.

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