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BC to Die-In Protestors: 'You are subject to possible disciplinary outcomes'

More than 60 Boston College students participating in the Die-In protest at St. Mary's Hall last Tuesday are subject to "possible disciplinary outcomes" for demonstrating in the Jesuit residence without an authorized, University-approved permit, according to a letter sent by Associate Dean for Student Conduct Rich DeCapua on Monday afternoon.

The letter calls for both parties -- students accused of participating in the die-in without a permit and administrative officials -- to schedule individual meetings to "not only examine behavior that may have been a violation of our Code, but also create a space for appropriate discourse and dialogue."

Last Friday, Dec. 12, students still angered by the BC administration's lack of response to the national events transpiring in Ferguson, Mo. and the school's handling of the die-in demonstration, voiced their concerns to Vice President of Student Affairs Barb Jones.

Jones told the students that they would be receiving letters regarding a potential disciplinary response in the following week.

James Kale, A&S '16 and co-director of political and social actions for The Black Student Forum, expressed his thoughts on receiving the letter shortly after it was sent to students, looking past the potential for disciplinary action.

"Am I surprised? No, I am not...Am I disappointed in my school? Yes," Kale said. "However, I am proud of the people who have shown their support for me and this movement the past weeks. There are clearly students, faculty, and alumni that understand the gravity of this issue and care."

BC was not available for comment on the letters distributed.

This is a developing story. Updates will follow.