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BC's New Year's Resolutions

2014 was a year of change for several buildings on campus. Renovations in McGuinn and St. Mary’s Hall have been wrapping up while the new dorm at 2150 Comm. Ave is slowly rising from the ground. Still, there is always room for improvement, and sometimes it is most efficient to make these improvements year-by-year. New Year’s Resolutions are intended to help one better him or herself. If BC buildings were people, what would they want to work on in the new year?


“Finals really wrecked me. I was up 24 hours a day and my sleeping is still not back on track. I want to focus on getting back to a regular schedule in 2015. No more of this up all night funny business.”

St. Mary’s Hall:

Courtesy of Gavel Media

Courtesy of Gavel Media

“It’s about time I make myself useful. I feel like I’ve just been getting in the way for nearly two years now. As the saying goes, ‘New year, new me.’”


“My goal is to work on stress-management. I’m all about studying. It even gets to the point where I feel like I’m turning green. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a good looking guy and I have a great personality, but maybe I should get my head out of the books for a moment.”


“We used to think that hygiene was overrated. You know, college is a busy time in a person's life and a shower can be a lot to ask. Why clean up garbage when you can leave it for the mice? We’re going to try working on hygiene this year, though. Maybe we’ll seem a little less sweaty and dingy.”


“Turns out that people consider me a loudmouth. I try pretty hard to be the life of the party, but maybe it's time I tone it down a bit. I need to focus on being a bit more orderly. I’m generally organized during the week, but come Thursday, I need to get a grip.”


“So, uh, people have said I’m a bit of a bore. I don’t know, sometimes I just feel a little awkward. I mean, am I more into psychology or the night school thing? I don’t even know. This year I plan on working on my social skills. Maybe I will even make a name for myself on campus.”


“Alright, so maybe I’m a little self-centered. Is that really such a big deal? There’s no denying that I look good in those Instagrams, and I’m no doubt as social media-savvy as it gets. I’m not changing a thing.”

It is hard to determine how much motivation these buildings have to improve themselves. Over 90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail, so this will truly put campus up to the test. Hopefully, in 2015, not just the buildings but also the students can be the best versions of themselves.



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