BC Women’s Hockey Team—Undefeated Yet Unappreciated

For Boston College students, there have been plenty of teams to pay attention to lately. The football team, of course, lost in disappointing fashion in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl to Penn State. The men’s basketball team is doing fairly well at 7-7, while the women’s basketball team is in nearly the same situation at 8-8. The men’s hockey team is quickly turning things around, going from 7-7-0 to 12-7-2 in the past seven games.

But there’s one team that has—or certainly should—stand out from the rest. And that’s the women’s hockey team.

At an astounding 20-0-1, the BC women’s hockey team is the number one team in the country by a large margin. Powerhouses like Minnesota (19-1-3), Wisconsin (17-3-2), Quinnipiac (18-1-3), and Harvard (11-2-2) all trail the team, according to the most recent USCHO.com rankings, but there is no question as to which team is best.

What is especially shocking is just how dominant the women’s hockey team has been. The Lady Eagles have generated 137 goals this season in 21 games; that is an average of over 6.5 goals per game. Meanwhile, they’ve allowed only 26 goals in 21 games, for an average of less than 1.3 goals per game. You certainly don’t have to be an expert in sports statistics to understand how amazing that is.

From offense to defense to goaltending, the team has been running on all cylinders all season long and has looked practically invulnerable. With a tremendously difficult schedule laden with challenging teams like Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern, Cornell, New Hampshire, Vermont, Dartmouth, and Yale, the Lady Eagles have not only stepped up, but have shined.

Photo Courtesy of Boston College Athletic Communications/ Flickr.

Photo Courtesy of Boston College Athletic Communications/ Flickr.

The undefeated Lady Eagles have won every single game except one—a tie against St. Lawrence. This tie, which has, thus far, been the lowest point of the women’s hockey team’s season, occurred back in early October. Ever since, the Lady Eagles have been on fire, currently riding an 18-game winning streak.

Even more shocking than their superb season is how few BC students realize it. BC students will gladly go to a rivalry game for basketball teams that are stuck at .500, and they’ll gladly support a men’s hockey team that seemed relatively anemic up until recently, but women’s hockey still remains quiet around campus. Folks, let this be your wake up call—the BC women’s hockey team is undefeated, the best team in the country, currently on an 18-game winning streak, and needs support!

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