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Get to Know Drake's OVO

Drake is probably best known for his rapping and singing; he brought vast popularity to phrases like "YOLO" and "started from the bottom," for better or worse. He captured large audiences outside of rap with hits like "Hold On, We're Going Home" and "Take Care." But what about Drake's growing label, OVO Sound?

OVO, which stands for October's Very Own, is a record label based in Toronto, Canada, which is Drake's hometown. He and a couple of producers joined together as a group in 2012, and since its creation, Drake has continually added more artists and producers in an attempt to create a brand.

In his attempts, Drake has accrued some pretty interesting artists. Here are some of the musicians and producers that Drake has signed, in hopes of getting to know OVO.



This doesn't need much explaining. As the largest artist in OVO, Drake has made various mixtapes and albums, as well as topped the charts with all sorts of singles. When Drake drops a new song or pretty much does anything, people watch and listen real quick.

Most recently, Drake dropped three new tracks, one of which stood out as the most impressive of the bunch. "How Bout Now" has Drake asking a girl, well, how about now?


Mike Zombie

"Zombie on the track!" rings through the beginning of "Started From the Bottom" for a reason. Mike Zombie, one of many producers in OVO, has not only worked with Drake on his music, but also on other songs featuring artists like Jay-Z and Rick Ross.


Majid Jordan

Most popular for their involvement with "Hold On, We're Going Home," the Majid Jordan duo has released a mixtape and an EP on their own, along with various interesting music videos. Their sound is unique and a nice addition to OVO's collection of artists. Recently, the two men that make up Majid Jordan appeared in a video for their song, "Her."


Noah Shebib

More commonly known as 40, big time producer Noah Shebib has been involved in creating a large amount of hits for various artists. For example, 40 was involved in the creation of the songs "Take Care," "Fuckin' Problems," "Headlines," "All Me" and "Trophies," to name a few.



Bearing some similarities to The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR (PND) hasn't appeared on any of Drake's own songs, but the two have created songs together for PND's two albums. After already releasing an album this past summer, PND recently released a new EP and announced a large tour to accompany his music.

"Sex On The Beach" is a track from PND's newest album, remixing the beat from the massively popular "Latch" into a cool slow jam.



Going to Mary Ann's on a Tuesday will never be the same. ILoveMakonnen burst into stardom when Drake hopped on his now extremely popular track, "Tuesday." Makonnen has a large amount of music in the form of mixtapes prior to signing with OVO, and now that he has signed, listeners can expect his potential to expand from the addition of many more producers at his fingertips.

ILoveMakonnen's other music takes some getting used to, but he has a unique charm, to say the least.


 OB O'Brien

OB O'Brien is one of Drake's good friends and has been a part of the OVO crew for a while. However, this does not mean that there has been very much music actually released from OB. In fact, he's probably most well known for his part in the "Started From The Bottom" music video as one of the cashiers that hits on the customer as she comes to purchase her goods. His most well known release is his remix of "2 On" featuring Drake.

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