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CHAARG Up This Semester

Many ring in the New Year with a resolution to “be more active” and “keep a workout routine.” Most of the time, however, people revert to their previous habits within two weeks. At Boston College, a group of women strive to change the cycle of regression by forming a new women’s health and fitness organization named CHAARG.

CHAARG is a national organization with a brand new chapter at BC. It stands for “Creating Healthy Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls.” The organization was started to change the mentality girls and women have about fitness and to bring health and fitness instructors from the Boston area to BC. The aim is to “liberate girls from the elliptical” and show them that fitness can and should be enjoyable.

The membership for CHAARG is $45 a semester. This membership includes blog posts, information, workouts, and interviews (all available through but also pays for all of the fitness classes that you attend with the organization. Sophia Neff, CSON ’17, is the event coordinator for CHAARG at BC and explained that $45 is a reasonable cost considering some studios will charge $30+ for just one class. CHAARG’s $45 sustains you for an entire semester of weekly classes.

Courtesy of Facebook / CHAARG

Photo courtesy of Facebook / CHAARG

Every week the club meets for a different fitness event with a specialist in the health and fitness field. Along with exposure to experts in the greater Boston area, CHAARG aims to form a community between the women involved. Every week, small groups of CHAARG members meet, work out and spend time together.

“The community aspect of the organization is what really appealed to me,” explained Neff. As event coordinator, Neff revealed that they have an exciting lineup of classes already scheduled, including popular classes such as Barre, right on Comm Ave.

As of now, CHAARG fitness classes are planned to be on Tuesdays between 5pm and 8pm. Small group meetings are at various times and members can choose these based on their own personal schedule. The small group meetings are meant to form a motivating community between the CHAARG women.


Photo courtesy of Facebook / CHAARG

Not only will CHAARG women have the support of the BC community, they will also receive support and motivation from across the nation. CHAARG is a nationwide movement at 18 universities that is largely present on social media. Every CHAARG member creates an Instagram to share her health and fitness journey.

“I know a lot of BC women out there are very involved keeping themselves healthy and fit, but it’s about time there was an organization like CHAARG at BC that can bring our love for health and fitness together and develop community to support and inspire each other,” said Neff. CHAARG is a great opportunity for BC women to meet and inspire each other while also engaging in a nationwide experience.

If interested, check out the group's Facebook page: or email

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