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Marchese Will Not Return as VP

Christopher Marchese, A&S '15, will not be considered to return to his previous post as Executive Vice President of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College.

"Based on new information that has come to our attention, we have decided to withdraw our nomination of Christopher Marchese as the Executive Vice President of UGBC," said Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, president of UGBC. "We believe that this decision will best allow us to move forward as an organization and effectively represent the needs and interests of students."

This statement comes in contrast with reports earlier this week that Marchese would be nominated to return to his previous role, supported by both administrators and the UGBC Executive Council and pending a vote by the Student Assembly. Fiore-Chettiar said on Jan. 13 that his return would be "in the best interest of the student body."

Marchese stepped down from his role as EVP this past November, citing "personal reasons." It was later stated by Marchese that he stepped down amidst pressure from university officials, specifically Gus Burkett, Director of the Office of Student Involvement. He said that OSI's involvement is consistently a source of delay in UGBC decision-making.

Burkett told The Gavel that under FERPA regulations, he could not release information regarding the nature of Marchese's removal.

Marchese could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.

According to Fiore-Chettiar, Connor Bourff will remain in his position as EVP, and the Executive Council will be nominating Sloan Renfro, Campus Awareness Coordinator, to replace Bourff as Vice President of Student Initiatives. The Student Assembly will vote on the nomination Jan. 18.


Chris Marchese says withdrawing the nomination for his return was a mutual decision by both him and the UGBC Executive Council.

"While it deeply saddens me to know that my vice presidency is an incomplete one, I have absolute faith in the ability of Nanci [Fiore-Chettiar] and Connor [Bourff] to re-energize UGBC and have a productive spring semester," he said in an email.

"After working with [both Nanci and Connor] for several months I am convinced they will be a great team and, having worked with Sloan Renfro in the past, know she will be a great addition to Student Initiatives as well," he said.

Marchese also expressed nostalgia for his involvement in UGBC over the past couple of years, specifically his time serving as VP under Fiore-Chettiar.

"When Nanci and I ran for UGBC last year, I knew I was running with a competent, hard working, highly respected student.  What I didn't know was that I was running with my best friend as well," he said.

"It's going to be weird not staying up until 3 a.m. editing reports with her, but it's an honor to have served with her and it's an honor to have her as my student body president."

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