Beats Soon to Drop from the Heights

Boston College bred talent will be dropping some beats from the practice studios of Lyons which Daniel Imahiyerobo, A&S ’15, jokingly refers to as "The Heights Studio." That is where Imahiyerobo and his friends, Dan Suarez and Nick Cameron recorded their latest mixtape. The group, The BlackHearted, plans to release a new mixtape entitled Boss Town, MA sometime in late January or early February on

Imahiyerobo grew up listening to rap and metal from a young age and always enjoyed writing. “In elementary school, I’d make little comic books. Someone else would draw the pictures, and I’d write the dialogue and fold them up,” he said.

Writing and recording raps is nothing new for Imahiyerobo either. He first started rapping with The BlackHearted in 8th grade. “When we first started… We were using little headsets that you would use for Skype, and we couldn’t hear the music at the same time, so it all sounded offbeat,” said Imahiyerobo.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

The band has come a long way since its middle school days. Their latest music sounds professional and much of it has been performed at BC events, one of the most notable being last year’s Arts Fest.

Imahiyerobo and The BlackHearted plan to continue performing this semester after the mixtape comes out at BC's Music Guild open mics, as well as open mics at other colleges in the Boston area, and at a hip hop club in Fenway. “Wherever there’s an open mic, I’ll be there,” said Imahiyerobo.

In addition to upcoming performances, the group plans to use social media to get its upcoming mixtape more exposure. “I just want to release it," said Imahiyerobo of the Boss Town, MA mixtape which has been in the works since last semester and contains some songs that date back as early as the summer of 2013. "Here Comes the Sun," is one of the tracks off Boss Town, and is a sweet taste of what's to come.

And the future certainly looks delicious. Imahiyerobo sees himself involved with music far beyond the release of Boss Town, MA. “It’s something I’ve been doing for so long. I’ll probably never stop doing it,” said Imahiyerobo of making music.

However, he also stressed the importance of his academic goals. Imahiyerobo plans to attend law school and hopes to work with intellectual property and entertainment laws, so he can stay in the music world.

With his dedication and drive, Imahiyerobo is likely to create a much bigger impact in the world of music with his talent and ambition, than his presence, alone.

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