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From Cityside to Hillside: The Pub Series Returns

As the sun sets on The Heights this Thursday, students will quickly migrate from their classes to their dorm rooms with their “Thirsty Thursday” giddiness almost tangible. Some students are eager to snuggle into their beds and catch up on the shows they didn’t get a chance to watch this week. For others, the weekend has started: they’re busy caking up their faces and spritzing cologne for a night out. A select few are able to execute a happy medium, taking a power nap before whatever their night entails.

Unfortunately, it might not be so easy. The cold weather is here, the next Comm. Ave bus doesn’t come for another twenty minutes (depending on the fickle TransLoc) and you’re already dizzy from the eternal Mary Anne’s/Cityside cycle.

Photo Courtesy of Gavel Media

Photo Courtesy of Gavel Media

This Thursday, the Pub Series at Hillside returns for an appealing option to students. After the restaurant closes, the Coffee Bar will be transformed into an actual bar, tables will be pushed aside and the study-inducing environment will dissolve into a more social one.

“Pub Series is an event that gives students the unique opportunity to hang out in a pub atmosphere at their own campus,” says Jonathan Keedy, A&S ’16, Co-Director of the Pub Series. “Students have the chance to try out a variety of beers and wines while enjoying some complimentary finger foods.”

Students can have the opportunity to relax in a BC-student-saturated pub after a long week of classes. It’s basically everything you love about Mary Ann’s without the commute and with an exciting difference in cleanliness.

“The goal of the CAB Pub Series is simply to allow students above the age of 21 to gather at a common place and socialize or meet new people in a pub-like setting,” says Keedy. “Most often we have some sort of entertainment ranging from a live band to karaoke machine to a raffle.”


Photo Courtesy of Gavel Media

Undoubtedly a great idea for the BC community, the Pub Series traces back to the days of “The Rathskeller”, which most BC students have only heard legends of.

“The idea of Pub Series dates back to the 1970s when The Rat had a lively pub scene on Thursday nights,” says Michael Warren, CSOM ’16, Co-director of the Pub Series. “We wanted to bring that tradition back by introducing Pub Series.”

Photo Courtesy of Gavel Media

Photo Courtesy of Gavel Media

This is the first Pub Series of the semester, so the Campus Activities Board is expecting a great turn out and hopes to continue this BC tradition.

“You can expect at least four more Pub Series events this semester,” Warren says, “concluding with our final Senior Only Pub Series on the outdoor Plex tennis courts.

The Pub Series is a great chance to spend time with your friends and not have to worry about catching a bus back to campus. It’s a great way to wind down on a Thursday, it’s different, it’s convenient, and it’s vintage.


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