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Best Basketball Halftime Shows

Dogs, Jump Ropers, and The Red Panda? Basketball halftime shows have gotten creative, interactive, and actually entertaining. No longer is halftime your chance to buy some snacks and stand in long lines to go the bathroom. It is a time to watch something completely out of the ordinary and witness performances that you would never expect to see at a basketball game. Here is my list for the best halftime shows for college basketball games:


The Red Panda

Ordinary? No. Talent? Maybe. Wow factor? Yes. The Red Panda is not an animal show, but rather a small Asian woman balancing on an oversized unicycle kicking bowls up off her leg and on to her head. Rong Niu, a native of China and one of the world’s best multitaskers, has made a name for herself on America’s Got Talent and across the world at various sporting events with her unbelievable and unconventional performances. She has been performing this traditional Chinese acrobatic act for over 30 years. Learning at a young age from her mother, she moved to the US to pursue her dream and now holds two Guinness World Records for her acrobatics.

Not only can she ride a unicycle a few feet taller than her, she can also flip a medium sized bowl from her feet and land it on her head. With each flip, she piles more bowls onto her head. At the end of the show, there are more than fifteen bowls stacked on her head. She is rumored to have never dropped a bowl in any of her halftime basketball performances, but unfortunately she cracked under the pressure of America’s Got Talent and got sent home in the semifinal round. After a long successful career, Rong Niu is planning her retirement. Though the days of an Asian woman balancing on a seven foot tall unicycle with fifteen bowls on her head are soon to be over, she will never be forgotten for her incredibly entertaining halftime performances. The Red Panda easily wins my award for the best college basketball halftime show of all time.


The Jump Rope Squad

For those of you who went to the UVA vs. BC basketball thriller, you had a chance to witness these tweens show you their best. This dance and jump rope halftime routine is famous for doing maneuvers with their ropes that no ordinary middle schooler could do. Even Corbin Bleu from the Disney movie, Jump In!, couldn’t top this performance.


K9’s in Flight

Dogs on campus are always a welcoming and exciting sight, especially during a basketball halftime show. K9’s in Flight is a group of rescued dogs performing high flying Frisbee halftime shows all around the country. Catching Frisbees from across the court, jumping over people, and dancing with the music, these dogs have a contagious enthusiasm that makes you wish you could have your dog right by your side.

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