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Artist Profile: BØRNS

Hit play first. Then read.

If you aren’t hooked already, you should probably clean out your ears. Loyal Gavel readers, meet BØRNS (Garret Borns), a Michigan native inspired by the lax mystique of Southern California where he currently resides. He released his first EP, Candy, in November of 2014, gracing the music world with the gift of four mesmerizing tracks.

According to interviewmagazine, BØRNS attributes his transcendental style to the meditative life that he has chosen to live. He grew up on Lake Michigan, where he spent the majority of his time in the woods, and currently inhabits a tree house in L.A. Yes, that’s right; he lives in a tree house that he found on Airbnb. BØRNS has said that this “brought out my inner child,” and it clearly shows through the exuberant funk and soulfulness of his songs.

“My folks got me listening to good music at an early age,” he added. Some artists that he draws inspiration from include the Beach Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Greene and the Bee Gees.

You know an artist has talent when the worst thing about him is that he’s only released four songs. We’re enamored by all four of his songs, not only because of their catchy melodies, but also for their love-infused lyrics. “A lot of my songs are inspired by a muse of some sort, whether she's real or not. I really like romantic poetry,” he says.

Well, BØRNS, you’ve got us all seeing stars.

BØRNS’ upcoming show with Misterwives at the Paradise Rock Club has already sold out, along with shows in Chicago, San Francisco, New York , Kansas City and Washington, but you can always check out Stubhub or SeatGeek for resales!

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