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After the Storm: A Reminder in the Wake of Juno

The past week has been great for Boston College students. Monday soon became a Saturday when Tuesday classes were officially canceled. Then, Wednesday was a double-whammy, with classes (somewhat) unexpectedly canceled for the second day in a row. The rare college snow-day jitters ran rampant throughout campus. Everyone settled in nicely, watching movies, sledding or getting into other assorted shenanigans.

While the vast majority slept in and frolicked in the snow, there were those on BC's campus who worked tirelessly to keep this university running. It’s important to highlight all that they did for us. This list is in no way complete; there are numerous people who continuously keep this school running, with or without classes. Here are some people that really were the real MVPs of Blizzard Juno.

Lindsay Schrier / Gavel Media

Lindsay Schrier / Gavel Media

First and foremost, thank you to all involved in BC Dining Services. To start, the staff flawlessly and calmly dealt with the masses of students clearing out our convenience stores, On The Fly. Just about every bag of chips and package of ramen noodles were scoured from the shelves. The BC Dining staff did not stop there, either. They were able to keep full, hot meals out for students for the entirety of the blizzard, just like any old day of school. That is a very impressive feat.

Even BC students sacrificed large parts of their snow days to help out in Mac and Lower. These students worked long hours doing their part, some performing jobs in dining that they had never done before. Along with the students, there were BC Dining Services personnel staying overnight on campus, sleeping on cots and air mattresses, wherever they could find room.

There was warm breakfast ready at 8 a.m. each morning, and food was served until midnight each night. One can only live on Ramen and bags of chips for so long, and it was much appreciated to be able to go down to the dining halls during the day and get quality meals to sustain the days' activities. Their tireless work really did not go unnoticed.

It’s also important to highlight how much the Boston College Police Department and Boston College Emergency Management did for students. There was never a point throughout this blizzard that any student needed to feel unsafe. There may have been a few slips and slides, but with the help of the crew working tirelessly, everyone stayed totally safe throughout the “Snowpocalypse.” Through the entire blizzard, snow, wind and below-freezing conditions, there were brave men and women clearing off each and every path and staircase on campus. They were outside in the worst of it, working long and labor-intensive hours.

Lindsay Schrier / Gavel Media

Lindsay Schrier / Gavel Media

While numerous personnel were outside braving the cold, there was also staff inside, keeping the bathrooms and hallways clean. These blessed souls cannot be looked over. They sacrificed time with their families to pick up and clean up after rowdy college kids. Even with the over-abundance of the packaged meals and bottles and cans being recycled, the interior of campus stayed as clean as ever. Their work kept campus from looking like a pigsty (our individual rooms, however, are a different story).

Another due thank you goes out to the medical personnel on duty. For those who work at Health Services to BCPD and the student volunteers of Eagle EMS, this blizzard was a stressful time. They had to deal with a range of injury-prone and intoxicated students. These safety personnel kept everyone alive and well as we frolicked and played (or settled in to hibernation).

Finally, thank you to all the BC students. Thank you to the students who were extra kind to all the staff members as they worked tirelessly through the night. Thank you to The New England Classic for organizing the huge snowball fight in the Mod Lot. Thank you to all the people who welcomed each other to movie marathons or sledding activities. And, lastly, a grand thank you to all of the students who brought out each other's inner child during the memorable Juno Blizzard of 2015.

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