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DOBC Heats Up the Weekend with Red-Hot Encore

The Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC) dazzled its way through Robsham this weekend with Encore, featuring special guests Boston College Irish Dance and Fuego del Corazon.  Whether you’re a dancing expert or simply know the moves to the Macarena, anyone could appreciate the time, effort and dedication that went into this performance.

Katherine Kerr / Gavel Media

Katherine Kerr / Gavel Media

Organized, choreographed and performed entirely by BC students, DOBC put on a show that ranged from spicy cabaret numbers like “Fever” and “Applause” to poignantly emotional “Heavy in Your Arms” and “Home.”  Director Jenni Mannion, CSOM ‘15, writes, “Encore is a celebration of our passions.  It is our interpretation of various human emotions ranging from triumphant happiness, to heartbreaking memories, to lasting friendships.”

That passion and emotion is evident from start to finish. Cheerful tap number “I’m Yours,” choreographed by Alexa Pulli, A&S ‘16, is the sunniest thing since April, sure to bring a smile to your face.  Andrew Troum’s, A&S ‘16, rendition of Britney Spear’s “Womanizer” brought down the house with its sassy sex appeal and Elisa Bushee’s, A&S ’16, heartfelt “Cavalier” left many in tears.

Katherine Kerr / Gavel Media

Katherine Kerr / Gavel Media

Special guests Fuego del Corazon and Boston College Irish Dance lit up the stage with “Vamanos Pal Monte” and “Best Day of My Life,” constantly reminding us of the immense talent that exists in our student population.  To put the cherry on top of this campus-wide collaboration, a portion of all proceeds will go to Relay for Life.

From sequined skirts to silhouettes, Encore played with themes of burlesque and classic cabaret dance moves.  These aren’t your grandma’s show dancers though, as many pieces emphasized confidence and empowerment.  As the dancers in “All These Things That I’ve Done” threw off their aprons one by one, it’s clear these students are going to set the world aflame from the stage to the streets whether they have your permission or not.

DOBC, you give me fever. Keep dancing all through the night.

Katherine Kerr / Gavel media

Katherine Kerr / Gavel Media

The objective of DOBC shall be to provide an open environment by which to promote the art of dance amongst the Boston College community. Advanced students expand their talents through auditioning, choreographing, teaching and performing in an annual show. The club also offers a variety of studio classes in diverse styles and all levels where beginners are provided with the opportunity to learn and gain experience through weekly classes. Classes are open to the entire university and are taught by DOBC officers and choreographers. Email for more information.

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