How to Get Properly Snowed In at College

The recent snow storms, Juno and Linus, have left Boston College students stranded in their dorms or at least in the vicinity of the closest dining hall. While all have rejoiced over not having school, making the most of a snow day is an art form that must be perfected.

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The guiding principal behind making the most of a snow day is preparedness. One must be armed and ready with a snow day survival kit that can weather any storm. Get a shoe box and pack it full of snow day essentials. Some snow storm kit essentials that can help you make the most of your snow day and quell any potential cabin fever include:

  1. Food: Load up on easy microwavable food that can be made into meals, such as Easy Mac and Ramen Noodles, in case the walk to the dining hall is too daunting. These items can be purchased around campus at the On The Fly mini-marts, but it is important to have them stocked in your snow storm survival kit because these items sell out in a flash come storm time. You also want to be sure to pack a few of your favorite snacks as well.
  2. Movies: Be sure to pack in a few DVDs, or jot down on a piece of paper a few cuddle movies that can be found on Netflix. Save a few things you’ve been dying to watch and the day will fly by.
  3. Workout videos: While one snow day can be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of BC life, two or three will undoubtedly leave you antsy and longing for the Plex. Go on YouTube ahead of time and scout out some workout videos that can provide you the necessary motivation to get your butt in gear when you’re trapped in. Write down the titles and store them in your survival kit for easy access the next time you’re trapped inside.
  4. Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate is another must for snow days. It keeps you warm and can turn any frown upside down. **Whipped cream recommended, but keep that in the fridge of course.

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In addition to having the essentials for staying in, you want to make sure you’re also prepared to brave the cold and enjoy the snow. Be sure you have a solid pair of gloves that allows you to make snow balls without your hands freezing, but most importantly, be prepared for sledding. While most of the time BC’s hilly campus is only good for improving calf definition, a thick layer of snow turns it into a perfect place to go sledding.

While BC students have been known to make impromptu sleds by stealing (or borrowing without asking) a certain cafeteria item, it is unnecessary to take anything from the dining hall to have a positive (and free) sledding experience. There are plenty of other items, some of which you probably already own, that make for great sleds. The top of a storage bin, a laundry basket and even a garbage can make for a fast and fun sledding experience. If the snow is packed down hard enough, you can even climb into a trash bag and stick your feet through holes in the bottom for a seriously improvised sledding experience.

Finally, don’t forget friends. A perfect survival snow storm survival kit, the best pair of gloves and a fabulous makeshift sled, are nothing without friends to share it all with. Besides, you’ll need the body heat.

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