Opinion: In Favor of Galentine's Day

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day. For most, February 14th marks the day that men and women across the country become painfully aware of just how single they really are. While couples and polygamies everywhere plan dinner dates and buy tickets for Fifty Shades of Grey, the single population cries into its proverbial tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating love, yet those who are alone-–especially those who have been recently dumped--spend the day ranting on Facebook, complaining to friends, or crying to their parents. Instead of dreading the day that forces us to face reality, we should embrace it. We are young, beautiful, single college students. When did that become a bad thing?

Instead of utilizing Valentine’s Day as a day to express our undying love for the boy or girl who most recently caught our attention, we should allow it to function as just another day that we express our love and appreciation for the people we surround ourselves with every day. Your friends were there to comfort you through your last breakup, so don’t they deserve your attention today more than some passing fancy?

Instead of dreading Valentine’s Day, we should each take a page out of Amy Poehler’s book and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day involves the women of Parks and Recreation coming together for brunch to celebrate love and friendship--but it doesn’t just have to be for women, and it definitely doesn’t just need to exist in the fictional world of Pawnee.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Every lonely BC student deserves happiness and infinite waffles over this Valentine’s Day weekend. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, the singles of the world should consider February 14th the one time a year to be especially thankful for their friends and family. Spread a little love and much needed thanks in the place of your usual love-hating attitude this Valentine’s Day.

Take your best friend to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Laugh at how ridiculous it is instead of feigning interest for your significant other. Send your mother flowers. Tell your grandparents you love them. Go to a strip club. Be happy for your friends that are in a relationship if you aren’t, but don’t flaunt your love and happiness in the faces of your single friends if you are. For whatever reason, a lot of people take this holiday more seriously than they need to, and you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings just because you’re happy.

In the spirit of everyone’s new fascination with a Senior Five, use this holiday as an excuse to call up that guy or text that girl you’ve been eyeing in class. It might be worth it. If you have a significant other, don’t forget to pretend you care on the 14th or you may just end up single by the end of the day.

If you still feel miserable at the prospect of Valentine’s Day, just remember that we’re all going to die alone anyway. Happy V-Day!