Universities Create Curriculum to Deal With Cyber Threats

In the wake of the digital age, a time when crimes are committed through computer screens, the very idea and the practical applications of security have changed. To combat issues of cyber terrorism and cyber attacks, more and more cyber security positions have been made available; companies and officials are seeking experienced, well-trained professionals to handle their vital information. As a result, universities are aiming to provide a new type of education for engineering and computer science students.

Northeastern has begun training students in cyber security and employing them in positions to solve cyber crimes, as WGBH reported. Professors like David Kaeli, who teaches computer engineering, have stressed the importance of adapting to the needs of the professional world, in this case, cyber security. WGBH suggests that “more than 209,000 cyber security jobs in the U.S. are unfilled, and postings are up 74 percent over the past five years.”

Photo courtesy of Marko Puusaar / Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Marko Puusaar / Wikimedia Commons

Cyber security has become increasingly relevant in Boston as the city has become a hot spot for burgeoning tech companies. In fact, Boston has been considered to be a significant rival to the Silicon Valley. Moreover, Cryptzone, a leading cyber security company has relocated to Boston as Rebecca Strong at BostInno reported. Cryptzone’s clients include JP Morgan Chase, AIG and the Department of Homeland Security. The Cryptzone headquarters will be opened February 9.

Cyber security is both a viable and undoubtedly important field, which requires significant training and expertise. Northeastern is one of many universities to update its academics and educate students in this critical profession. Boston has become an arena for technological advancements and cyber security is a necessary component.

Boston College has an equipped IT department and includes tips and information on cyber security. Expanding its academics to include preparation for the field of cyber security is certainly an opportunity for Boston College Computer Sciences to expand career opportunities. Tech companies in Boston could certainly make great use of graduates with this expertise.

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