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Struggling Eagles Fall to Vermont in OT

Last night was a tough one for the Eagles. After an indecisive three periods of play, the Eagles headed into overtime with the score tied at two. A little over a minute in, the Catamounts scored the game-winning goal and the Eagles dropped a must-win.

It was a rough night all around. The crowd was sparse, the players lethargic; it seemed like no one wanted to be there—on or off the ice.

Thatcher Demko was starting his 50th career game for BC; he was the light in the darkness of last nights’ game. Demko did everything he could to keep the Eagles in the game: he made an abundance of Sports-Center-Top-10 worthy saves to make sure they still had a fighting chance.

However that was the main problem: they were lacking the fight.

The Eagles started off the game well, spending most of the starting minutes in Vermont’s zone. Their momentum quickly halted, however, when the Eagles were assessed the first penalty 2:10 into the game.

From then on, the game seemed to be in UVM’s hands. The first goal came six minutes in, when Vermont’s Brady Shaw was perfectly placed at the far side of the net and tapped it in off an impeccable feed by Jake Fallon. The puck slipped in right behind Demko’s skate.

Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

The Eagles had their moments. We’d see the energy pick back up throughout the period, but it only came in spurts. They finally took flight 14:45 in, when Cangelosi hammered home the game-tying power play goal from Ryan Fitzgerald and Destry Straight.

Following the goal, it seemed the Eagles were ignited, if only for a short while. Despite the appearance of having it together on the ice, a glance up to the board silenced those thoughts. Yes, the game was tied at one, but the Catamounts were out shooting the Eagles 11-6.

Going into the second tied at one, the Eagles were looking to take back the game. Play seemed pretty even on both sides at the beginning of the period but the Catamounts were getting opportunities on net.

Power plays, on both ends, seemed to be the Eagles’ downfall. Halfway into the second, Ian McCoshen went off for tripping, a penalty that proved especially costly for the Eagles. UVM regained the lead on a power play goal 11:15 into the second.

From that moment on, the game was theirs.

Not even a minute after the go-ahead goal, Fitzgerald was called for elbowing. It seemed as though the Eagles were constantly on the disadvantage. Even when they had the man advantage, it was hard to tell. UVM was dominating on the ice.

Entering the third, the Eagles were still down 2-1. Everyone entered the final period hoping that some sort of spark was ignited in the locker room during intermission. Sadly, the third period was much of the same.

At one point, UVM had twice as many shots as BC. Demko’s stellar play kept the Eagles in the game, at least on the board. On the ice, the play reflected the shot count, incredibly lopsided and in favor of the Catamounts.

The Eagles were being called for a number of silly penalties while the referees were overlooking some questionable plays on UVM’s side. Play was getting chippy as the frustration grew for the Eagles, but they still didn’t have the fight needed to get something going.

Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

Just as hope was lost and the effort seemed useless, Alex Tuch hammered it home with 9.6 seconds remaining in the game. By some miracle, the Eagles forced the game into overtime.

Overtime was the most evenly matched the game was all night; the Eagles were finally fighting for the win. But, alas, it was too late. UVM scored 1:47 into overtime and took home a much-deserved win.

UVM should not have been given a fighting chance out on the ice, but something was just not clicking for BC.

It seems as though something has been missing from this squad in recent weeks; they have not been consistently winning or losing. They have, however, been consistently inconsistent.

Let’s hope the Eagles can get it together and turn things around as they take on the Catamounts for their second game of the double header, today at 4:30. Here’s to hoping they go out there with a chip on their shoulder and prove to all of us that they still have some fight left in them.

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