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BREAKING: Thomas & Olivia Win 2015 UGBC Presidential Election

Thomas Napoli and Olivia Hussey have been named UGBC President and Vice President for the 2015-2016 school year, according to the Elections Committee.

Napoli and Hussey earned 1,486 of the total votes, taking the freshman and sophomore classes, and winning by a margin of 318 votes over second place team, Cassidy Gallegos and Mike Keefe. Gallegos and Keefe earned the majority of votes from the senior and junior classes, coming in at 1,168 votes.

"Congratulations to Thomas and Olivia on a successful outcome, we're excited to see the things you accomplish," said presidential candidate Cassidy Gallegos. "Both Mike and I cannot speak highly enough of the people we've met and the issues we've learned about throughout this whole process. We have huge dreams for our community and we are excited to continue fighting for issues that matter and pursuing our passions."

"Thank you so much to everyone for the support and encouragement along the way. We love BC, we are inspired by our student body, and are excited for the experiences to come!"

The third place team of James Kale and Jose Altomari took 757 votes, making for a total voter turnout of 3,411, roughly a third of the BC undergraduate student body.

"I just want to truly thank all of you of the BC community for your devoted support, love, encouragement, and dedicated service to Jose and I as we ran for the UGBC Presidential Election," said James Kale. "I can undeniably say that this has been a heartening journey and I am still proud of the outcome."

"A huge congratulations to Thomas Napoli & Olivia for their success! We expect great things from your administration."

Coming from different backgrounds, Napoli having worked with issues of free speech on campus and race relations, and Hussey interested in mental health awareness and sexual assault, the team ran an impressive campaign and proved to be attractive to students in one of the most important UGBC elections in recent years.

Napoli and Hussey's extensive 42-page platform detailing action plans for each of their points, in addition to the pair's evident chemistry and cohesive vision, provided encouragement for the future in the midst of a period of uncertainty regarding the UGBC-student-administration relationship. The pair was adamant about getting "back to basics" and engaging students on the ground, while simultaneously working with administrators to make tangible changes in both student life and campus climate issues.

"Olivia and I are both incredibly honored to have received the support of the BC community," says Napoli. "We cannot wait to get started working with students across campus in pursuit of a unified campus voice."

"I am incredibly proud of all the teams' hard work," said current UGBC President Nanci Fiore-Chettiar of this year's election. Having worked with both Napoli and Hussey in the past, Fiore-Chettiar has complete faith in their future administration. "I have known both Thomas and Olivia since they were freshmen and have seen how passionate they are about making BC a better place."

"I know that they will continue to strengthen UGBC's role as an advocacy organization that fights for student rights and an inclusive campus for all."

Fiore-Chettiar and Executive Vice President Connor Bourff will begin working immediately with Napoli and Hussey to ensure a smooth transition into office, culminating in their official term beginning April 30.

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