Boston College Debuts New Off-Campus Housing Website

In order to facilitate the process of living off-campus, Boston College has launched a new website including availabilities, real estate resources and a roommate search.

Due to the prevalence of undergraduate students stuck with only three years of guaranteed on-campus housing, students are often forced to spend at least a year in an apartment or house off-campus in the nearby neighborhoods. Because of the stresses and concerns associated with this, BC’s off-campus housing site was born.   

The website is easy to use and serves to streamline the off-campus search. On the website, students can either list sublet or room availabilities or, conversely, search for an open space. The website also offers resources like a move-in checklist, a list of emergency/safety contacts and transportation information.

Though many students already use Facebook to find sublet opportunities, the off-campus housing website will simply offer other options.

Photo courtesy of BC Off-Campus / Twitter

Photo courtesy of BC Off-Campus / Twitter

A zoning ordinance throughout Boston prohibits more than four undergraduates from sharing an apartment or house. This restriction is meant as a safety measure and has become more strictly enforced over the past few years. As a result, BC reminds students searching for off-campus residences to keep the ordinance in mind. The website does not exclude the opportunity for more than five students, but it does include several warnings that punishment could follow. BC recognizes and supports the safety measures stipulated by the city.

The website is still new, as it debuted in the middle of the year, so listings may not be very comprehensive, and it may take time for more students to sign up for the service. However, BC has taken a step in the right direction in order to ease the strain of the off-campus housing search; students can find most, if not all, of the information they need on a single website. 

The website can be accessed at and students can log in using their BC Campus IDs.

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