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Faces of BC: Heraldo Laguerre, BC Dining Services

It's very likely that you have seen the ray of sunshine that is Heraldo Laguerre hard at work at behind the registers at Eagle’s Nest before—if you haven’t, you’re missing out on some of the better deli items on campus, and the best employees, too. Let's be honest: while the food at Eagle's is easily the best lunch option on campus (on the meal plan, at least--thanks for nothing, Hillside), you don’t just go there for the food but for the people. Among all the wonderful BC Dining workers that can be found staffing the Nest on any weekday afternoon, Heraldo is something of a celebrity here on the BC campus. He’ll swipe your meal card with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. What more do you need to get through a Monday during midterms season?

Heraldo's sunny personality has graced us all the way from the island of Haiti. Although he comes from a warm, tropical climate, he says that if he could choose to live anywhere in the world, he would still pick Boston. He has been a loyal working member of the BC Dining team since 1989, and he says he chose to come here because he liked the environment.

Photo courtesy of BC Dining Services / Facebook

Photo courtesy of BC Dining Services / Facebook

"My favorite part of working with BC Dining is the people--especially the students," said Laguerre. "I have fun with them, and there is nothing that I like more than seeing them standing in line before the Nest is even open, waiting just for me." The next time you are feeling awkward waiting anxiously outside the gates of Eagle's at 10:45 a.m. to get your daily panini, just know that you have nothing to be ashamed of--Heraldo appreciates you.

If you were worried about competing with other students for the spot of Heraldo’s #1 fan, have no fear: he's your biggest fan too. Upon being asked what gets him out of bed in the morning, he said that it’s coming to work at BC. “I come to have fun with my co-workers and students," said the distinguished Senior Lead Cashier. "We have a great team."

Fortunately, the feeling of love is totally mutual between Heraldo and the students. “Seeing him makes my day so much happier,” said Andrea Ocasio, A&S’18. “I even invited him to my [future] wedding one time,” she added. Surely, an expression of affection such as this is not unprecedented for as friendly a figure as Heraldo.

Photo courtesy of BC Dining Services / Twitter

Heraldo, at center, with some fellow Eagle's Nest staff.
Photo courtesy of BC Dining Services / Twitter

Throughout the years, Heraldo's cheery personality--expressed by the usual "Have a good day" in his deep, friendly voice--has warmed our hearts like a comforting hug or hot cup of coffee (especially during midterms). His brilliant personality permeates through the encouraging words that he imparts to students with each and every encounter. If he were to give his students one piece of advice, it would be: “Be focused, don’t get stressed, because wherever you go there will always be stress,”said Heraldo, adding "Anything is possible."

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