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Hollywood Eagles Host Screenwriting Competition

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew


Assisting a friend that has had too much to drink, the camera pans center to Frank Underwood. He speaks with emphasis and distinction and maybe a slight South Carolinian accent? He is powerful and two-sided, lurking and ruthless. In an aside to the camera, Frank says, “There are two kinds of pain.”

Mod of Cards, the recent phenomenon that spread across Boston College’s campus, is a collegiate version of the Netflix original series House of Cards. Creator Derek Switaj, CSOM ’15, has worked to create the series with the help of Hollywood Eagles (BC’s film club), two other producers and a hardworking crew.

As the series comes to a close this May, however, the team is seeking new material to produce in a show or film next fall.

“Everyone that works on the production enjoys the process and wants the opportunity to expand and do it again,” said Jessica Barbaria, A&S ’16, Hollywood Eagles Marketing Producer. “We have the film crew and we’re just missing a script and a story.”

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew

There are not too many restrictions on the submissions; individuals or groups of writers can submit screenplays and, if their work is selected, will have the option to direct their project. Scripts will be considered for either a feature film or a TV series and can be an original idea or a collegiate version of an existing work.

“We don’t want to limit anyone,” Barbaria says. “Quality work [submitted] by any student is welcome.”

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew

Photo Courtesy of Mod of Cards Crew

While writers have a very broad range of ideas to choose from, there are a couple stipulations to keep in mind while writing a script. Although the plot does not necessarily have to pertain to BC, the project will be produced on the BC campus, and all screenplays must be submitted by April 1.

If writers are still unsure what to look for, “I would encourage them to watch Mod of Cards,” said Nicolas Henze, CSOM ’15, a member of the marketing team. “Whether [their work] is about BC or is a TV series, they’ll spark ideas in terms of the technical aspect, character interactions and dialogue.”


If you want to see your screenplay in action, works can be submitted to

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