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Ten Ways to Relax & Recharge on Easter Break

Whether you’re traveling to some exotic locale, going home to see your family or staying in Boston, Easter break is the perfect time to relax, have fun and maybe even be productive. Here are ten ideas for how to spend your time over the next few days.

1. Staying at school? Take the time to do some major spring cleaning. At this point in the semester, most students’ dorm rooms or off campus houses and apartments have become disaster zones. Put aside part of your break to organize your room and vacuum up the dust bunnies that have up until now been conveniently hidden in the corners. Maybe you’ll find that shirt you lost forever ago, or maybe you’ll find some old stuff to sell on eBay.

2. Going home for break? Play tourist in your own town or city. Go to a museum, check out a famous landmark or go to a restaurant that all the out-of-towners are always encouraged to dine at.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

3. Get out of the house by going on a one-day road trip if you’re feeling somewhat spontaneous. Do some research online to find a cool destination that’s within driving distance. Pack a picnic or a camera and go on a mini adventure.

4. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration and get cooking. Use the break to whip up some extravagant dinners or keep it simple and bake some treats for your friends and family.

5. Or, put your creative abilities to work and get crafty. Look online and get inspired by some easy DIY projects. Decorate a mug, do something fun and basic with mason jars or paint some eggs in celebration of Easter weekend.

6. Use the break to give back to your community and do some volunteering. Check out listings at your church or community center to see where you could be of assistance.

7. Or, if you need some desperate R&R time after weeks of midterms, have that Netflix marathon you so deserve. Now you finally have the time to binge watch House of Cards.

8. Thankfully, you now have some time to do other things besides homework: pick out a new book at your local library or bookstore and read for pleasure. Whatever you choose, just revel in the fact that you’re not reading for your Chaucer English class.

Photo courtesy of Ed Yourdon / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Ed Yourdon / Flickr

9. Since the snow is finally melting and the temperature might actually creep out of the 30’s, get out of your bed and go outside. Go for a walk, run, go rollerblading, just do something outside and enjoy the spring weather.

10. Can’t think about anything else besides school? Get ahead in preparation for the rest of the semester. There is only just over a month left of school, and the coming weeks after Easter break are usually extremely stressful. Take the long weekend to get ahead on upcoming assignments or do some planning so that when you get back to school, you’re ready to tackle all your work.


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