The 7 Most Embarrassing Things You Can Do at BC

In a sea of near perfection, even the slightest social faux pas can seem like a glaring sign of your inadequacy. Sure, nobody is perfect, but have you ever been guilty of committing any of the seven social sins of the Boston College community?

1. Farting in O’Neill (or worse, Bapst)

In the BC bubble, studies are taken seriously by most students. Nothing kills the study vibe quite like hearing (or worse, smelling) your neighbor’s butt-trumpet sound. Your gas is sure to earn you some dirty looks, so be sure to take your flatulence to nearest the bathroom. Too bad there’s only one toilet on the third floor of O’Neill.

Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

2. Taking the wrong drink at the Chocolate Bar

Head into the Chocolate Bar in Stokes Hall during peak hours, and you’re sure to see baristas whipping up caffeinated beverages at lightning pace (seriously, kudos to the Chocolate Bar employees). In all the chaos it can be easy to mistake someone’s vanilla latte for your cappuccino. While this mistake is easily made, it’s not quite as easily forgiven. Getting in the way of someone’s caffeine fix is no way to make friends and it’s certainly no way to strike up conversation with that special girl or guy you’ve been dying to ask on a Cronin date.

3. Getting off an elevator on the second floor*

At a school where fitness seems to come second only to academic excellence, getting off an elevator at the second floor tends to earn some judgmental glances. Be prepared to huff it to at least the third floor--or accept snide glances from top floor travelers during the duration of your elevator ride.

*exceptions for disabilities, broken limbs, recent surgery, etc.

4. Using a cafeteria tray

This is the ultimate giveaway that you’re a freshman. If you were naïve enough to grab a tray, take heart: this is not your fault. It’s your OL’s fault for not warning you. While you can pass the blame, you can’t pass the instant reputation of being “that freshman.” Don’t worry; it gets better. Usually.

5. Taking a tumble on the Million Dollar Stairs

These pricey, majestic stone stairs require a graceful and confident step. Tread carefully. These stairs are heated, so if you fall you can’t blame it on the ice. Fall at the right time of day and there could be upwards of fifty witnesses, too.

6. Saying hi to someone you only think you know*

With the BC uniform of similar preppy outfits, it’s pretty easy to mix up names and faces or just think you know someone you’ve never met before. Addressing someone you’ve never actually met can be pretty embarrassing, but it’s not as awkward as getting called out by someone you do know for giving the BC lookaway. There’s risk involved with greeting someone you’re not 100% sure you know, but life’s about playing the odds.

*Extra awkward points for tapping someone you’ve never actually met on the shoulder to get his or her attention.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

7. Vomiting on Newton or Comm. Ave bus

During a fun night, it's easy to forget that you need to board a bus to get back to your room. Often underestimated are those sharp, stomach-flopping turns and the nausea-inducing body heat of a packed bus at the end of the night. These conditions create the perfect storm in which to toss your cookies for the entire bus to see. Beware: no one likes a puker.

Have you done one, most or all of the things on this list? While these things may be some of the most embarrassing things you can do at BC, you should save the drama for more serious problems. Embarrassing yourself makes for great stories that you and your friends will laugh about. Besides, if you’ve done a lot of the things above, you’re in good company. Embrace awkwardness in stride (or by rising from the stone optimistically after a fall on the Million Dollar Stairs), and your confidence will surely shine through.

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