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Opinion: Hillary Clinton and the Return of 'Yes We Can'

The 2008 election season was one for the books. Of course there was the usual course of events. Nasty televised debates? Check. Blood drawn in Iowa? Check. Hysterical political satire? Definitely check (thanks, Sarah Palin and Tina Fey!). But, as you may recall, this was a historical election: not only did Obama become the first African American president, but he also amassed the most votes ever won by a presidential nominee. "Yes We Can" energized a nation.

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The Obama campaign was one of the most effective ever waged. He represented the youthful hope we all yearned for in the midst of an ugly recession, and his supporters were galvanized to get out and support him en masse, winning him the democratic nomination, then finally the entire presidential election.

College-aged students, in addition to women and blacks, constituted a major part of Obama’s voter demographic. Without the youth vote, of which he captured about 66 percent, he would have lost the election. Not only did they go out to vote on Election Day, but they also campaigned endlessly for him. And when he became president, Obama reciprocated the love by working toward lowering student loan interest rates and making community college free for responsible students. It was a beautiful mutualistic relationship.

How about we do it all again?

Hillary Clinton is the perfect candidate to revitalize Obama’s youthful voter demographic in a way that Obama couldn’t completely muster up for a second round in 2012. Having just (officially) announced her campaign this past Sunday, she is currently the only Democrat in the race. I suspect that even when others do enter, she will be the uncontested favorite to win her party’s nomination. With her immense popularity—despite a dip since the Benghazi affair—I can see her easily winning the whole shebang.

Photo courtesy of Chris Rojas / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Chris Rojas / Flickr

I know what a great deal of you readers are thinking right now: “It’s a scandal! It’s an outrage! How can you say she’ll win when she hasn’t even come out with a tangible platform yet!” Well, politics is a sticky issue, and I rather not get involved with such grizzle debates right now. But I think we should all hop on the bandwagon anyway.


Yes, do it. Hop on (unless you’re a staunch conservative. We don’t want you anyway). I’m sure her actual platform will be spectacular. The main reason we should all support her from the get-go is because this will be a win-win situation for us college-aged students, much like it was when we elected Obama and he reciprocated. He needed us to get re-elected, after all.

If we rally behind Hillary en masse, we’ll be apart of something special—the election of the first female President of the United States of America. And wouldn’t it just be wonderful to have an inspirational cause to support as there was in 2008? None of us were old enough to vote back then, so this is our chance to recreate the excitement for ourselves. That means donating what you can, joining a branch of the College Democrats, or even just sharing all the Ready for Hillary posts on your Facebook timeline. But, more importantly, it means getting educated. I know I said hop on the bandwagon, and you should, but in all seriousness it is important to acquaint yourself with the cause you’re supporting. But I didn’t need to tell you that.

So, what do you say? This campaign will be something special. Get involved, or face the possibility of being left behind in the wake of millions.

Photo courtesy of headshotsphoto / Flickr

Photo courtesy of headshotsphoto / Flickr