Welcome to the Ludaverse, BC: 10 Songs to Get You Ready for Modstock 2015

Ludacris is headlining Modstock. But I'm sure you already knew that. I'm sure you heard from Candice who knows Jenny who is roommates with this girl that works for CAB that The King of the ATL would be gracing this esteemed campus, but I'm not sure if you fully understand the magnitude of that now-confirmed fact. Modstock 2012 brought us Reel Big Fish, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for 2013, and in 2014, Hoodie Allen. No huge disappointments, but no real shockers either, and while you may have started hearing Ludacris' name being whispered low between wobbly tables at Mac a few weeks ago, no one really wanted to believe it for fear of being let down.

In preparation for the Dauphin of the Dirty South's arrival, here are 10 of his best:

10. My Chick Bad ft. Nicki Minaj

We'll start with a classic. Unveiled not-so-long ago in 2010, "My Chick Bad" came on the scene as the go-to anthem for rap-loving boyfriends who loved to show off their fine ladies; whether they be main or side chicks was none of Luda's concern. Nicki features with a verse that can be described as nothing but fire, with this verse on such a major artist's track solidifying her as much more than just a passing fad.

9. Get Back

Is someone bothering you? Are they getting all up in your grill? Just take a tip from Ludacris and tell a homie to get back, because, as we both know, "they don't know you like that." The first single off the 2005 album Red Light District, this song signaled Ludacris was going to continue being a chart-topping machine for a very long time.

8. Move Bitch

Honestly, what better track is there to blast in your car on the highway when you know you're gonna be late for something? Or to play in your head as you're elbowing sweaty freshman out of your way trying to get to the bathroom in a Mod? No. The answer is no.

7. What's Your Fantasy ft. Shawnna

Once upon a time not too long ago, a boy got a job spinning records not too far from home. His name was Chris Bridges, and this was his first single, and he put Shawnna on the beat for that nice little jingle. He lead a movement out of the Dirty South, and less than a year later he was Grammy nominated for Word Of Mouf. 

6. Runaway Love ft. Mary J. Blige

I'm sorry to get real with you here, but this song couldn't be excluded. Christopher Bridges isn't 100-percent made of turnt juice, fam. He has a softer side, and with this rap and Mary J. Blige's soulfool hook, he showed it in the best way possible. Don't say I didn't warn you when you tear up -- have your tissues within arms reach.

5. The Potion

What's in The Potion? Is it a little Sprite, a pinch of Crystal Light mix, and a hell of a lot of Ruby? Maybe some concoction of alcohol and who-knows-what-else one could find stagnating in a Frat house trashcan at Ole' Miss? Regardless of it's composition, The Potion's baseline is going to get us "jumpin' jumpin'."

 4. Stand Up ft. Shawnna

Do you have a crush? A special someone? A lab partner? When you hear this beat reverberating off the wooden siding of the Mods, this is your chance. As "When I move, you move" blares through the speakers and you try and not slip on the wet asphalt of the Modular parking lot, look across the crowd at that lucky lady or lad, lock eyes, and just move, homie. They'll know exactly what to do, because Luda told'em.

3. Pimpin' All Over The World ft. Bobby V.

Pimpin' is a lifestyle, and here at BC we strive towards it every day. Those CSOM kids studying market trends hours on end for their finance exam, the kids that are stuck in Organic Chemistry memorizing solubility rules, and especially those kids that have no idea what they're doing with their lives yet, they all want to be Pimpin', and how could they not? The women, the cars, the caviar and the fancy clothes? While our Jesuit ideals may shun these earthly pleasures, if we were to ignore our desire to be Pimpin' completely, we may lose some of the work hard, play hard motivation that makes BC so great.

 2. How Low (Can You Go?)

"Rumor has it, if you go low enough, Ludacris will appear in the mirror." Well, these gals in this video just dropped it so low that Ludacris and his entire masked entourage materialized in their bedroom through an inter-dimensional portal and preceded to telepathically put them in club outfits, peer pressuring them into one of the top 10 dance off's of all time. If that doesn't get you practicing your dance moves for this, I have no idea what will.

1. Money Maker ft. Pharrell

Alright guys and gals, this is it. While it was nearly impossible cutting this list down to 10 songs, you better get ready to shake your tail feathers -- wait, no -- money makers to the musical stylings of a true hip-hop genius. This track is legendary, and there really isn't too much to say about it. Imagine it playing now though, to a crowd of 5,000 strong getting down mere feet from the Mods as the sun sets on the Heights to one of biggest characters to grace the Billboard Hot 100 of all time. It's going to be something special.

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