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Six Things You Can Do for the Same Price of the Next Installment of The Holy War

In the 2015-2016 football season, Boston College and Notre Dame will be playing another installment of the Holy War at Fenway Park. The game--to be played November 21, 2015--will be a home game for Notre Dame, so Boston College is allotted only 5,000 total tickets.

Since tickets are a little scarce for BC fans, Boston College recently announced their allotment system for the limited tickets. For those who give $5,000 to the school in a fiscal year, you are set. If you can't afford to give $5,000 in a fiscal year, BUT have lifetime giving history to Athletics of $100,000, then don't worry, you are set as well!

Sadly, the nearly $63,000 that students pay in tuition each year wasn't factored into this system... but not to worry, we still have the opportunity to purchase tickets for a small fortune of $400. Now, I am not sure about the rest of Boston College, but I simply cannot afford to pay that small sum of money to see my favorite 'dudes' play.

For those of you who can drop that kind of cash, The Gavel has come up with some alternative activities that you could do instead of attending a silly little football game.

1. Buy a lot of Pizza

Buy 30 large pizzas from Domino’s and watch the game in your room with friends. With a large one topping pizza coming in at about $12.99 (before any coupons), you could order pizzas for practically your whole dorm! Or if you are feeling up to the challenge, gather 29 of your closest friends and see who can finish a whole pizza first. Either way, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this deal. But if you consider yourself a dessert person, you could buy 80 orders of Cinna Stix instead. Both very good options.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Kuban / Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Adam Kuban / Flickr

2. Avoid Dining Hall Food at Abe & Louie's

Have a lovely night on the town at Abe & Louie’s on Boylston, and order eight 16 Oz. Aged Prime New York Sirloin Steaks. Who doesn’t love protein and good food? You can hit up a classy restaurant, have some fun and get 128 ounces of thick, center cut, delicious steak.

3. Catch a Different Game at Fenway

If sports are more up your alley, what a better way to spend your day than at one of America’s greatest ball parks? Who needs a silly little college sports game when Boston has professional teams! Catch your hometown team when they come to town, or just get a taste of the Boston sports culture. With tickets starting at ten dollars, you could get upper bleacher seats with 39 of your closest friends. Who knows, you may even catch a Big Papi home run—and that is priceless.

4. Donuts, Donuts, and More Donuts (Need I Say More?)

All Bostonians love Dunkin Donuts, so why not contribute your $400 to every Bostonian's guilty pleasure? All that money can get you fifty dozen donuts from this Boston staple-- that’s 600 donuts! Just think of all the possibilities...

Photo Courtesy of r-hol / flickr

Photo Courtesy of r-hol / flickr

5. Go Skydiving.

If you are looking for a real adventure, here’s an activity to get that adrenaline pumping. The Boston Skydive Center is offering a $200 special this April, so grab a friend who is looking for some adventure and go jump out of a plane!

6. Take a Trip to The Sunshine State

I might wait for the winter months to do this one and take a nice break from the cold, so while the Leprechauns are hopping on their plane from South Bend to Boston, book yourself a weekend getaway to Florida. Round trip tickets still cost less than a seat at Fenway. A three hour flight is nothing when you're sitting with the sand between your toes, coated in SPF 30 (your Irish complexion will thank you) and catching some rays when it is sunny and 75. Just think how happy you'll be sitting on the beach while your friends are in seven layers of clothing, sitting in cold metal seats, stuck next to some obnoxious Notre Dame fans yelling about how cool their gold helmets are.

Who really needs a football game when it costs nearly as much as your new anatomy textbook? There are much better things than a few hours in the freezing cold on which to spend your lack of money. Now, if BC wanted to give out free student tickets, that would be a different story...

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