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An Eclectic Mix: Get to Know the Artists at Break the Bubble

Break the Bubble is a music festival hosted by the BC Music Guild this Saturday, April 25 that will feature a setlist entirely composed of Boston College bands – both current students and alumni. With a total of 27 bands performing, the festival will be a great opportunity to showcase the huge variety of music styles and talents on campus. While more popular bands, like Juice or Small Talk will be performing, there will also be newer artists eager to show off their jams. The group of bands outlined below represents the enormous spectrum of music styles to be heard this weekend.


Wynnm Murphy

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

Wynnm Murphy, A&S '18, represents a softer, more acoustic artist playing at Break the Bubble. Her “one-woman-band” consists of Murphy singing, playing guitar and simultaneously using a suitcase kick drum. She started playing guitar when she was in eighth-grade and immediately fell in love with it.

“I owe a lot to my stinkin’ dad,” Murphy said. “I was a rebel-child in eighth grade. I got grounded, and I wasn’t ungrounded until I learned to play a song.”

Little did Murphy's dad know, he had ignited her passion that would lead to her attending boarding school for vocal performance, recording her own EP and winning the Sing it to the Heights competition this past February.

Although she has been writing music for a while, Murphy does a lot of covers in her performances. You can expect her very own “coffee-shop-based” twist added to radio hits and popular songs.

“I’m confident in my ability to make acoustic covers out of vulgar pop songs,” Murphy said.


Lucid Soul

If one thing can be said about Lucid Soul, it’s that they can jam. With most of their songs topping out at over five minutes, Ted Faust, A&S '15, James Farrell, A&S '15, Andrew Bishop, A&S '15, and John Mahoney, CSOM '16, like to explore and compile a bunch of different types of music into their art.

Their style can be classified as “funk-rock influenced by jam bands like Phish, Umphrey’s McGee and The Almond Brothers, but also a more straight-up rock sound too,” Farrell said. “We like to experiment a little bit. We all come from different roots and we like to meander.”

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

All of the band members, with the exception of one graduate student, are seniors. They started playing together during their freshman year and have watched the arts at BC expand hugely in the past four years.

“When we started out sophomore year there was nothing in the music scene and now there is so much,” said Farrell. “We’re just excited to see all of the Boston College acts at one place off-campus where we’ll get a lot of exposure to people that wouldn’t necessarily hear us otherwise.”

Look out for the funky pants at Break the Bubble and “bring pajamas,” Faust advised. “It’s just more comfortable.”


Crisco Disco

With Kamau Burton, A&S '17, on guitar, Cora Ives, A&S '17, on ukulele, Kyrie Olsen, A&S '17,  and Katharine Callahan, A&S '17, on guitar or piano and any or all of them singing at one time, Crisco Disco is an eclectic group of musicians that likes to jam.

“We love making harmonies and doing new things with songs that you might not expect,” Callahan said. “Cora has also been known to whip out instruments including but not limited to maracas, stylophone, otomatone, guiro and the oacarina. Don’t know what those are? Neither do we but that’s half the fun.”

All sophomores, Crisco Disco met at Jammin’ Toast in their freshman year and have been performing covers from artists like Justin Timberlake, Shakey Graves, Fergie and Panic! At the Disco ever since. This will be their first performance as Crisco Disco.

“We are so grateful to the club for bringing us together,” Callahan said. “The club meets every other Saturday and is based on the idea that this campus needs a place for musicians to come play music together, learning covers and playing them for each other in a totally casual, low-commitment setting.”

Everyone in Crisco Disco comes from a different musical background and they all have different music tastes, but manage to coordinate and blend their sound into soft, chilled melodies.

When asked what part of Break the Bubble they were most excited about, Callahan joked, “Crisco Disco’s performance, we heard they’re really rad?” Also saying that, “mostly, we can’t wait to share our wacky jams with new friends.”


Phenom V

Phenom V consists of rapper and songwriter Emmanuel Laguerre, WCAS '18,  may not have as much experience as some of the other performers at Break the Bubble, but Laguerre is certainly one of the most excited to showcase his music.

“I’m a rapper – that’s the art I chose,” Laguerre said. “But I’m a music-lover first. I listen to everything. My top five favorite bands are Drake at number one. Then Fall Out Boy, Eminem, Beyoncé, and 50 Cent.”

Photo Courtesy of Emmanuel Laguerre

Photo Courtesy of Emmanuel Laguerre

Before becoming a member of the BC Music Guild, Laguerre didn’t know that there were so many collaborating artists on campus. In his earlier years, Laguerre played with his older brother at the 2012 Arts Fest and he says his most meaningful performances have all been BC-related.

“The Music Guild is a gift from God for me,” Laguerre said. “It’s this outlet that also gives me notifications on opportunities for shows and showing my art.”

Although he initially performed mainly covers, Laguerre has started to create original songs, including “Believe In”, on his mix tape to be released this summer titled The World is Yours.

“The best description for my music is honest,” Laguerre said. “I love to draw from true stories and real experiences and put them into music. Normally, I get so excited that I start to freestyle.”


Helena & Tyler

 This vocal duo is relatively new installment to BC’s music scene. Although Tyler Coyne, CSOM '17, has played in previous events at Faneuil Hall, Helena Chavez, LOSE '17, performed at her first open fairly recently, at the past Hope N’ Mic night on campus.

Together, Helena & Tyler have performed in the Cabaret Room on campus. Break the Bubble will be their first big gig together, where they’ll both be singing and Coyne will be playing guitar on a loop pedal.

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

Photo Courtesy of BC Music Guild / Facebook

“We just started playing together, but our individual styles mesh really well,” Chavez said.

“I would say my style is more on the pop-y side of Ed Sheeran or John Mayer with a lot of acoustic percussion on the body of the guitar and slapping in between finger picking,” Coyne said. “Helena’s style is known colloquially as ‘being amazing’ – she’s just modest.”

The duo will be on the acoustic side of the stage at Faneuil Hall this weekend, showing off their sound and putting out some sweet harmonies.

“While we won’t be playing originals,” Coyne said. “We hope to do some ‘original covers’ by showing people some cool, unique arrangements that put a twist on songs they may have heard before.”


Infidel Castro

One of the more well known acts on campus, you would probably recognize Infidel Castro from their punk-rock sound. They manage to blend elements of country, blues and garage punk into their music.

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

“Some of our favorite bands are King Tuff, Diiv, Diarrhea Planet… there has to be Dinosaur Jr., Speedy Ortiz and Pile, absolutely. That’s where we get a lot of our inspiration,” John Guzzi, A&S '15, one of the band’s guitarists said. "It’s not – not – grunge music, but similar to those bands that were happening alongside grunge.”

The all-senior band, with the exception of guitar-player Shravan who joined earlier this year, has been playing together since freshman year. The bassist, Dan Miller, A&S '15; drummer, Dan Hartel, A&S '15; and Guzzi have lived together since their first year at Boston College.

“We always played regularly throughout the past four years,” Guzzi said. “We’d go up and make some noise and jam. One day we just thought, ‘we all play music and hang out in our rooms – why not do it more seriously?’”

Infidel Castro has been performing together ever since and, recently, has been working on a five-track EP that they are aiming to release during Arts Fest. They intend to expose some of these new songs at Break the Bubble.

“We get along really well in that sense,” Guzzi said. “We all contribute to the music-writing process. Every song is a collaborative effort.”

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